10 Star Crafts for Kids

Don’t you just love star crafts? We do!

I especially love to pair star crafting with a book or a nursery rhyme like twinkle twinkle little star. Below are 10 activities for you to do with your toddler or preschooler. Have fun!

Take a look at these 10 just gorgeous star crafts for kids.

Star Crafts for Kids 10 Ideas

10 ideas for Star crafts for kids

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  1. Check out our Easy Craft Stick Star Crafts for Kids and the super cute Personalized Star Ornament we made for Christmas.
  2. These gorgeous star shaped summer twig ornaments from Happy Hooligans will look good hanging just about anywhere.
  3. Santa Stars by Red Ted Art is a super cute Christmas star craft for the kids
  4. Make an aluminum foil star and read themed stars book by Mama Pea Pod.
  5. Stunning Paper Star Crafts from The Enchanted Tree.
  6. Wishing upon a Shooting Star Craft by No Time for Flash Cards.
  7. How to make your own Sea Stars with paper by Kids Activities Blog.
  8. Straw, Pipe cleaner and Tri beads Star crafts for kids by Craft to Art.
  9. Make a Star Garland {Super Easy Kid Craft} such a fun crafts by Million Moments.
  10. Explorer Star Craft just for those Dora fans by We Homeschool.

What kind of star crafts do you love to create?

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