5 Ideas to keep Toddlers busy in the Kitchen

I don’t know about you but my toddler is always “stalking” me in the kitchen. I really don’t mind her standing on her little chair watching and sometimes helping me prepare food for cooking, it is when I work with boiling hot things or use the electric beater for example that I want her out of range.

Here are 5 ideas to keep your little one busy in the kitchen while you are!

5 ideas to keep toddlers busy in the kitchen

Here are my go to ideas to keep my toddler busy in the kitchen.

I added a little mat in my kitchen for my toddler to sit on. It could even be a bathroom mat if you like!

1. The Plastics Draw

Empty out some plastic containers for your little one to stack and explore. Or if you have a low draw fill it with plastics they can unpack themselves.

Using a muffin tray also works well for popping things in it. Like plastic spoons, large pasta bits, big pom poms and random toys that will fit in that size hole.

how to keep a toddler busy in the kitchen

2. Make use of your fridge space

I often use our fridge as a canvas and tool to occupy. As my fridge is white the dry erase pens work well and even aid counting with magnets. I also have a bunch of pom poms with magnetic backings for my little one to stick with.

pom poms on the fridge how to keep a toddler busy

3. Use the spice rack

Kids love to shake stuff! Depending on your spice rack type give them a few to shake, investigate or take out and in the spice rack holders.

A good alternative for the spice bottles if you have the ‘toddler don’t touch” variety is to have discovery / sensory bottles just for the kitchen.

discovery bottles in the kitchen for busy toddlers

4. Recycle things already in your kitchen into activities

We love finding uses for things beyond their intended usage. We up-cycled a long can into an activity called pick up sticks and gave an egg carton some paint to play color sorting and stacking. We also recycled a box for a pom pom drop.

5. Toys just for the kitchen

Keep a toy basket just for the kitchen. This toy is my toddlers favorite shape sorter and stacking toy. When toddlers are a bit older, a corner play kitchen unit is also a hit.

Notice a pattern?

Toddlers love to pack, stack and shake stuff! Provide anything in this area and you are set! 😀

If you are feeling VERY brave a bit of water in a pot is also tons of fun! For the toddler that is 😉

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  1. says

    I love these ideas! In my opinion, these ideas will help to create a bonding time between mother and child, especially as they get older. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tiffiny says

    These are great tips! I like the idea of a playmat for her. Do you have any trouble getting your tot to understand that is her play space while you’re working in the kitchen? I love the magnetic pom poms. Two of my daughter’s favorite toys in one…genius! Thanks for sharing.


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