Bowling & Knock Down Fun Activity

What is more fun than knocking stuff over to a toddler and even a preschooler?!

Here is a quick and easy activity you can do with the kids. Find somethings to stack into pyramids, grab a ball and go bowling!

In our case, I had saved some yogurt bottles because they were nice shapes and had colorful labeling. They also do very well in our color rice scooping, water play and now as something to bowl over!

Bowling & Knock Down Fun Activity

My one year old loved to knock the bottles over without the help of the ball. It was also great “bonding time” for her and her eldest brother (4). I love it when the kids play together!Bowling & Knock Down Fun Activity

For my one year old I stacked the bottles in bunches of 3, giving her multiple targets to knock over. Bowling & Knock Down Fun Activity

For my preschooler I made a giant tower for him to bowl over and reconstruct. Bowling & Knock Down Fun Activity


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