Feeding the Monster – Fine Motor Skills

Don’t you just love simple fine motor skills? Well, this one took a whole 5 minutes to make. That included waiting for the glue gun to heat up!

It is as simple as sticking (hot glue in my case) some googly eyes on a wipe bin with a pom pom for a nose and pipe cleaners for eye brows.

The hole for the wipes makes a nice mouth!

the very hungry monster

Next round up some things to feed this very hungry monster. I found some large threading buttons, pom poms as well as bottle caps.
sorting tray full of goods

This one took no explaining. My 4 year old dived right in there telling his toddler sister about the hungry monster and it was eating.lets feed the very hungry monster

Monster fed, the 4 year old moved off and my 19 month old had the tray to herself. I had to empty the wipe box first for her to re-feed.rinse and repeat

True to her little self, the pom poms landed up in the bottle lids and guess what, those fitted on top of the buttons. It kind of looks like some gourmet snack!

This little fine motor activity is really easy to just pack up and put away as well. Just close the monster and pack up the contents inside the bin and it is ready for the next adventure.cookie creations for the monster

Take a look at what our friends are up to this week for fine motor skills friday!

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