No Oven – Make Stove Top Pan Pizza

This no oven, make on the stove top pan pizza is perfect for students or just people on a budget.

When we first moved country we rented a fully furnished house far from town. A few months later we decided to move closer to town and found a nice little place on the hill side. Only problem was that it had nothing in it! Beds of course were our top priority along with plates to eat off.

We bought a little 4 plate gas top counter standing cooker, I missed my oven but we made due until there was enough money to actually purchase an oven stove a few months later.

One of the biggest things we missed was pizza, homemade pizza. After a few google searches I discovered that my wild idea to make stove top pizza was actually a thing and we could make pan pizza!!

No Oven - Make Stove Top Pan Pizza

Here is how to make the dough for the pan pizza.

Use 2 cups of flour (or flour substitute, I have used quinoa flour as well) for a dry base ingredient, add some salt, Optional: a teaspoon of baking powder (if you like fluffy base), tablespoon of olive oil and add water until the dough is manageable and you are able to mold and roll out round disks.

On medium heat, with some oil, fry the base in the pan. Once the first side is cooked remove from the pan and flip over onto the bread board to add toppings. (the cooked side is facing up).

Stove top pizza frying

Once you have all the pizza toppings on use your spatula and carefully lift the pizza back into the pan. This cooks the other side that is now face down and by adding a lid over the pizza, melts the cheese and heats up the toppings! bread board and ingredients

We used the following toppings for our stove top pan pizza.

  1. Tomato paste / ketchup
  2. Chopped tomatoes
  3. Red onions
  4. Diced olives
  5. Sliced bananas (I am told this is a South African thing :) but you won’t know if you like it until you try it!)
  6. Cubed Avocado
  7. Cheese
  8. Parsley seasoning
  9. Optional: add any precooked meaty toppings of your choice

No Oven - Make Stove Top Pan Pizza

All that is left is that you ENJOY your pan pizza!!


  1. Gregory says

    It is funny how no one questions pineapple on pizza (tho not everyone likes it)…. but people question the banana. I think it.makes perfect sense and I can’t wait to try it.
    I love pineapple, hot peppers and pepperoni or bacon or chorizo (not all 3 at a time tho). And it is so yummy with the sweet heat. I will be substituting the banana next time
    Thank you so much for this

  2. Amanda Lindström says

    Okay, I’ve searched in a lot of websites after such a recipe as that you showed (buying pizza is expensive, and cheese melts with ketchup only does that much), and almost all has not showed what kind fo pizzadough that they use (and I really don’t like to mess up food. I want to eat it, not toss it), or they actually mean that it was a panpizza, in the oven (false advertising, I tell you), so thank you, thank you, thank you, you wonderful person 😀

    Only wondering, is the pizza dough for one pizza only, or is it for several? Asking because I do not want to much dough when I’m the onyl one that would eat the pizza.

    Btw, I have seen several different pizzaplaces in Sweden were they use banana in a pizza, so it is not only South Africa :)

    • says

      Lovely! The measurements made about 5 pan pizzas which was enough for both my husband and I as well as our then 2 year old. So halving this would most likely be fine for one person :)

  3. Elaine Steyn says

    We are on a tight budget and I’m going to try this stove top pizza! I love banana, bacon and cheese topping it is absolute delicious! :)

  4. says

    I like this! My oldest daughter will like this. I think I’ll substitute the bananas for plantains. The sweetness from the plantains would add a nice touch. Pinning this for later use.

  5. says

    OMG, Nicolette!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! I am a student, broke on all possible levels, and this is the best thing ever!
    I used to have an oven but when our roommates moved, they got custody :(
    But thanks to you, I can make homemade pizza again! 😀 Thank you. Again.

  6. says

    Bananas and avocado!? I’ll have to try avocados, that sounds really good. I’ll have to think a little more on the banana though :)

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