Simple Craft Ideas for Kids

This year we have been very focused on sharing the simple crafts for kids.

With our blogs first anniversary coming up very soon I wanted to make a little round up and summary of my year here at Powerful Mothering.

The crafts and activities I do tend to have few and generally easily available ingredients, why?, because of where I live, in a small little town in Ecuador, South America. We only go to the larger town perhaps once a month for shopping. I also have limited access to places like Amazon and other online retailers for supplies. But all this aside, I do love to think up things simple craft ideas.

Simple Craft Ideas for Kids

Join me in a journey down “simple kids crafts” memory lane.

I totally loved Easter on the blog, it was when I discovered that I really wanted to blog about was all the simple kids crafts I was doing with the kids. We made a Paper Mache Bowl Craft

and then some cute little Salt Dough Easter Eggs to fill the bowl. I still have an entire pile of egg carton trays I am looking to use in some or other craft or activity. The salt dough Easter eggs came out beautifully and with such vibrant colors, the boys truly enjoyed the simple craft idea combo. Will be making it again for sure next year!

The best and most popular craft for Easter was our Easter Egg Shell Craft, it came out just stunning and was so easy to make that I will most definitely put it into the “simple crafts for kids” category. We also dyed our very own eggs from the chickens in our yard and if you haven’t seen the post, we used BROWN eggs too!

Simple Craft Ideas for Kids easter

Then we tried our hands at color rice. There are so many simple kids crafts you can do with color rice and that’s besides just using it for sensory play. Of course the color rice then opened the door for coloring pasta and homemade play dough!

simple kids crafts pasta and color rice

With the pasta and play dough in hand I was inspired by the very hungry caterpillar book to do some story play. We used the smaller pasta beads and made a pasta bead caterpillar worm out of the book to play with while reading and later that week another simple craft idea struck and we made a play dough caterpillar turn to a butterfly.

Two more incredibly simple kids crafts and activities were also shared that month. The Simple Ball and Box Activity, read as get your kids to tidy up :) and our contribution to the wonderful 100 days of play series with cardboard box drawing, which we totally love to do every chance we get!

simple craft ideas beads play dough

After making and posting a few recipes on the blog and spending more than usual time in the kitchen, I noticed the fridge, yes the fridge, its huge and its white and its blank. Since the kids are always underfoot in the kitchen I turned the fridge into an activity and learning station with dry erase markers and magnetic numbers.

Simple craft ideas for kids paint activities

We then did some more things on the activity side the next month with the weather being warmer, we played with color ice in the baby pool, gooey paints and experimented with coloring flowers. I had also gotten my hands on my lovely craft sticks in the local shop, I automatically started thinking of what simple crafts for kids I could do. The super cool (well to me and the kids anyways) Kids Treasure Box made with Popsicle Sticks (aka, craft sticks) was made! Lots of fun as we got to use the new water color paint set as well to enhance the already colored sticks for the lid. I loved this box so much I went ahead and made my own and added some dried flowers from mothers day and the dried flowers from our color experiment later on.

There were also two larger crafts that were done namely a little nook for the kids to play in featuring a DIY cardboard box shelf for their toys and the giant DIY kids chalkboard I  made from scratch, these were more mommy crafts enjoyed by the kids type ventures. Both as still very much in use today.

simple kids craft ideas diy

We had a fantastic time this July learning about the american flag and making color rice fireworks, I was very impressed how it turn out.

I spent many hours gathering all sorts of simple kids crafts for a massive hungry caterpillar round up.

It was well worth it! I found over 60 gorgeous and yet simple craft ideas to display. We are still going to try many of them in the future.

Best Summer Activities for Kids under 5 years old has some simple and easy craft ideas as well, I love the idea of making things to keep the kids occupied.

Simple Craft Ideas for Kids lets play

I also decided to share 6 Play Time Activities and Crafts That Encourage Creativity in Kids, in which I encourage screen free time from the TV and other electronics via simple craft ideas.

I have tons of ideas lined up for the next few months already, many of them are simple crafts for kids, If you haven’t already, please follow us and stay in touch.


  1. Steve Rodgers says

    That’s really cool. My daughters would like to do something like this. They love arts and crafts. They are always making me something, usually out of ribbon which they love. I never knew ribbon could be used in so many different crafts. Thanks for posting.


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