Super Fine Motor Activity for Busy Bags

For this weeks fine motor activity I thought I would concoct a busy bag that would be a bit of a challenge for my younger kids. My 5 year old loves to try these things out for me no matter what age I actually intended for them. I must admit he does great demonstration pictures!

This busy bag is for my 3 year old’s collection of busy bags. Check them all out here.

Super Fine Motor Activity for Busy Bags from

For this fine motor activity I used mini craft sticks and mini pegs along with neon glitter glue. (Many thanks to for supplying these for free for us to play with!)

I setup my 5 pegged craft sticks as I would like them then gently used the neon glitter glue to make the lines between the pegs and the numbers.blank fine motor activity

I love how this can be a color learning experience as well as counting practice while working on our fine motor skills!wet glitter pegs

We love simple busy bags!

Once the glitter glue was dried I transferred the activity to a bag for our busy bags storage bin.busy bags all ready

I love to use trays under all my busy bags as most of them have smaller objects. Trays also separate my 3 kids activities so they don’t get mixed and the kids don’t fight over which item belongs to who.
Fine Motor Activity for Busy Bags

My just turned 5 year old seems to have mastered this activity on its fine motor intent. Counting and colors are currently his thing so we focused on this aspect. pincer work

One, two, three PINK ones!great fine motor activity

We also used these mini craft sticks when we made a matching stick game!

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