The Very Hungry Pasta Bead Caterpillar

After making some color pasta last week I was itching to go play with it, urm I mean the kids were.

We bought the The Very Hungry Caterpillar book about 2 years ago, it is one of those much loved books, so much so that our current copy is in 3 pieces from the use.

fine motor skills pasta threading the very hungry caterpillar from #ericcarle

I very much think after the success of these book inspired crafts with the kids I am going to need to purchase a new “The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle“!
The Very Hungry Pasta Bead CaterpillarFor this little hungry caterpillar craft you will need your color pasta beads and Pipe Cleaners. I cut one of the red pipe cleaners in half for my desired size of the caterpillar.The Very Hungry Pasta Bead Caterpillar

Next I twisted the end of the pipe cleaner to block the beads from falling off. We then threaded the smaller color pasta beads onto our pipe cleaner, trying to mimic the colors of the hungry caterpillar book cover.The Very Hungry Pasta Bead Caterpillar My Just turned 4 year old’s effort, he started off on the right track then wanted to know why he couldn’t use the yellow, so his is a rainbow worm.The Very Hungry Pasta Bead Caterpillar To complete the head of my caterpillar I used 2 red color pasta beads and twisted the pipe cleaner to have them closed off and positioned on top to look like a head. I then bent the pipe cleaner into the shape of the hungry caterpillar.The Very Hungry Pasta Bead Caterpillar After some investigation and “role” playing with kids and the book, the caterpillar is now sitting on top of my monitor waiting for his next play date!The Very Hungry Pasta Bead Caterpillar

What do you think of this little craft? Will your little ones love it too?

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    This is not only a cute craft it is such a great way to work on fine motor skills. Thank you for linking it to Read.Explore. Learn. I will be pinning and sharing this post.

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