Cardboard Roll Stamping on a Big Roll of Paper

This activity is apart of our 20 days of simple play ideas collection, see all 20 here!

Week 1 we did water playice playpaintingbuilt a den and played with glue.
Week 2 we explored loose partssmall worldtreasure huntnature walk and some playdough play!
Week 3′s prompts are bakingpuppetsstorybookrole play and sensory tub.
Week 4 is Big roll of paper, cardboard box, chalk, blocks and junk model.

Cardboard Roll Stamping on a Big Roll of Paper

Cardboard Roll Stamping on a Big Roll of Paper

For today’s simple play a giant roll of paper was required, which I sadly didn’t have on hand! So what is a mom to do? Make your own! I took 10 sheets of normal A4 paper and taped them together, problem solved.

Next, grab some empty toilet rolls or any type of cardboard tube and fold them into various shapes. Besides the already circle ones we made a square, rectangle, hearts, attempted a triangle and one that I tried very hard to make a star! I also made some animal feet, these were either birds, ducks or dinosaurs dependent on which child was stamping!

Update: I see Imagination Tree also did one like this but got her star into the right shape! Check it out.assorted shapes in toilet rolls

I added some base color tempra paint blobs to a baking tray and showed the kids that these were stamps and this is how they worked. They quickly took over.various color paints to stamp with

Mr 3 year old “mess is my thing” also experimented with stamping on his hand but then decided that paper looked like more fun. Thankfully!Cardboard Roll Stamping on a Big Roll of Paper oh and on our hands

My toddler (19 months) even came to check it out and did some stamping.toddlers enjoying stamping

My 4 year old (who was still in his pj’s!) found it fascinating that the paint sometimes made a bubble.

look mom it made a bubble

This activity was tons of fun!  You can either let the kids play freely or ask them to stamp a certain shape or hand you a certain stamp so that you can stamp too. (encouraging shape recognition) You could even ask for the stamp to be dipped in a certain color before handing it to you.

The shapes held up very well and besides a small bit of refolding we can use them again in the future.
cardboard roll stamps for next time

The next day when the paint had all dried I turned the large sheet of paper over and the kids had at it with the crayons. 😀the next day we turned the huge sheet of paper over

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