How to Make a DIY Kids Chalk Board

A kids chalk board has got to be the best thing to make for a toddler and preschooler! My 2 year old has been bouncing around with excitement over his new chalk board for days now! The 4 year old has been drawing train tracks and roads and what I assume is an apple tree. He loves apples.

how to make a Kids Chalk Board for scratch

How to make a kids chalk board

Gather your supplies:

  • A board of some sort to paint on, we have used a HUGE sheet of ply-board.
  • Latex paint any color you want. We have used black.
  • Some unsanded tile grout
  • Mixing containers, smooth sand paper (if needed)
  • Paint brush, rubbing cloth, chalk

Or you could just take the shortcut like some people have suggested and buy the chalk board paint, but that is not the purpose of this post. We do not have chalkboard paint where we live so I made do with what we do have at our local hardware store. Also if you are looking for a quick stick chalkboard to take a look at the contact paper wall chalkboard on amazon.

DIY kids chalk board how to

Dust off your surface and make sure it is nice and smooth. Give it a light sanding if you need to.

How to Make a diy Kids Chalk Board Mix up your paint. Pour 1 cup of paint into a container and gradually stir in 2 tablespoons of the unsanded tile grout. Be sure to break up the lumps as you go.

Paint the surface of your board generously, while telling little helpers not to touch. I have a hand print on my wall for these efforts! Good thing the wall is currently under a paint job too!Chalkboard for Toddlers

Once the paint has dried completely, took about 20 minutes for us with the windows open, you will need to prime the surface before drawing on it. Smooth the area with fine grit sandpaper if you need to and wipe off the dust. Next take the side of a chalk and rub the entire board. The kids chalk board is looking great!How to Make a Child's Chalkboard

Grab a dry cloth and rub it in further to finish the prep off. Little MR couldn’t wait and started drawing in the areas I had just finished.How to Make a Kids DIY Chalk Board

You can of course make this kids chalk board to whatever size you to make a chalkboard Once the dry rubbing is complete take a damp cloth and wipe down the board. Let it dry. Like 2 mins was my time. Your done!how to make a Kids Chalk Board You can now mount the board to the wall or have it as a small board on the table. I did mount the kids chalk board up on the wall for the day, they didn’t like it there. They love lounging on the chalkboard and drawing. So on the floor it is. Kinda like a giant black rug. :)how to make a chalkboard

 Some other uses for chalk board paint and DIY chalk boards:

  • Wall Calendar
  • Message Center
  • Pantry Reminder
  • Paint your kitchen pot plant tubs
  • Paint the kids’ storage bins, labels or the entire thing


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    This is fantastic! I especially love the size. Good for inside but outside too. My kids love sidewalk chalk but it doesn’t show up especially well on our rough driveway. This would definitely solve that problem! Thanks for the share and a new Pin!

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    I love this idea. I am trying to decide where to put one where he won’t make a mess (2.5 years old now). Thank you for sharing :)

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      yea, the already made paint is not something I have seen here. So went and made my own. Most of the stuff I do is homemade because of the area I live in. MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!


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