Rainbow Color Rice and Contact Paper a Preschool Activity

Looking for things to do with your rainbow color rice?

My preschoolers just love their rainbow rice play and since I still had a container full from our previous adventures it is fast to setup to play with. Unfortunately I can only offer a sensory tub so many times before it comes boring to the kids and ends up in me doing a major clean up because they are bored with the activity. So to change it up we did something rather different.

Last week we played with contact paper and recycled materials, but what would happen if we used contact paper and rainbow colored rice? FUN!

Rainbow Color Rice and Contact Paper Toddler Preschool Activity

Here is what you will need for this Rainbow rice Activity:

  • Rainbow color rice. 
  • Contact paper.
  • Empty and clean spice bottles (make sure the holes are big enough).
  • A funnel / sheet of paper.

Rainbow Color Rice and Contact Paper Toddler Preschool Activity

I filled the spice bottles just under half way with color rice  by rolling a sheet of paper, because certain kids had run off with my funnels and they were no where to be found! The rice I used was the same color rice (recipe) we made almost 6 months ago as well as the left overs from making fireworks for 4 July.Rainbow Color Rice and Contact Paper Toddler Preschool Activity

I had help from my 4 year old spreading the contact paper out and taping it down with duct tape, the 3 year old came along shortly after to quickly grab a spice bottle and start shaking it!Rainbow Color Rice and Contact Paper Toddler Preschool Activity

The contact paper held up very well and rainbow rice mix stuck to it enough that it didn’t land up all over the floor. My top tip for playing with color rice is to play in an empty corner with a bit of space to easily sweep up the little bit that might mess OR take it outside!

I brought out the circle and triangle for my 4 year old to experiment with, he filled them in with one color and then another color again on top. You can see this better in the video at the bottom of this post.

Rainbow Color Rice and Contact Paper Toddler Preschool Activity Rainbow Color Rice and Contact Paper Toddler Preschool Activity

Once the shakers were empty we scooped the rice back into them and more shaking was had!

Check out the play in action in the video below!

It is my first video where I talk so it was a bit soft, I’ll do better for the next one!! Promise. 😉

How do you play with your rainbow color rice?

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