My Busy Book for Travel busy bags

My Busy Book for Travel

This months busy bag theme is all about keeping the kids busy while traveling! A few weeks ago we made a rather long trip and I had to keep the kids busy so I made this little busy book for them. My ... read more

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Encouraging Toys for Baby
peacock animal
Line Tracing with Loose Parts
bunny finger pupper fun
Bunny Printing for fine motor skills
giraffe finger painted
Name Recognition using Beads fine motor skills
Sort and Count Rainbow Puzzle Busy Bag from

Latest From My Kitchen Activities

How to Make Clean Mud Recipe Taste Safe
DIY Taste Safe Glitter and Rainbow Playdough sensory play
peaches and cream coconut oil playdough
Fizzing Heart Cloud Dough Experiment (Taste Safe)
How to Make Snow Dough recipe Taste Safe
easy sensory explore bin
oil painting with kids
Try this glowing cloud dough recipe under your black light! BONUS it is taste safe AND reusable in 2 OTHER play ideas! SCORE!

Latest in Playful Preschool

rainbow printing
Ladybug Garden Rocks
Layers of the Earth Felt Puzzle
make your very own space book
Life Cycle of the Butterfly in Art
hat matching cards free printable
Pinwheel Weathervane for preschool study
color salt melting ice preschool science

Latest in Printables

Lego Birthday Party Ideas and FREE Lego Templates
custom chore chart template
FREE Personalized My Name Tracing Printable
ladybug free printable domino set
hat matching cards free printable
Gingerbread Man Shape Matching Busy Bag from
Easy Shape and Pattern Activity busy bag with PowerfulMothering
colorful shapes

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How to Keep Your Patience With Your Kids
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Latest in Natural Living

My BLANK Essential Oil Recipe Book
DIY Longevity Tea Mix
DIY Scented Tealight Candles bug repellent mood enhance
free online class for essential oils 101
Herbal Tea the First Line of Defense
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