18+ Magnetic Activities on a Vertical Surface

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There’s something so fun about working and playing with magnets. Add a vertical surface to that and kids will go crazy over playing with magnets as they see them working against gravity. It’s a great lesson in science as they play.

Magnetic Activities Play


Here are over 18 awesome magnet play ideas that we love!

Magnetic pompoms are a fun way to play in the kitchen while Mom’s cooking.

Make some colourful magnetic tangrams and get your brain working wherever you are.

Learn about word families with magnetic alphabet letters and help your child learn to read.

Design pretty pictures with magnetic craft stick art for kids!

Your child will love dressing this magnetic printable pioneer dressup doll!

There are so many ways to play with letters that are magnetic! Look at these games.

Teach your child about constellations and practice with these glow in the dark star magnets.

Play this fun find the magnetic letter game in this sensory bin.

Make this fun counting magnetic rocket puzzle out of foam.

18+ Magnetic Activities

Dig for magnetic numbers in this construction site sensory bin.

Explore kinetic energy with this magnetic marble run for your fridge.

Connect the dots with this fun activity, and learn your alphabet as you play.

Have fun with color while making a magnetic letter rainbow!

Download and make this cute Jack and the Beanstalk storytelling activity.

Make a DIY magnet board with a huge oil drip pan like this mom did!

Take a look at a whole lot of great ideas on how to teach kids letters.

Your toddler will love these color sorting magnetic wall boards.

This color sorting printable is a great activity for small kids learning their colors!

Amazon Magnetic Ideas

Use these items on your magnetic board to enhance play!

Grab this awesome canister of 72 magnetic letters and numbers!

Buy this gorgeous wooden magnet play set and match characters together.

Match these jungle animals to their halves with this cute 12-animal wooden pack.

This magnetic dry erase board in a box, with 100 piece puzzle cards, is a great toy box!

Have great fun with giant magnetic letters!

Try this Melissa And Doug Human Anatomy play set with 24 magnetic pieces and storage tray.

This Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Julia doll set has 8 different outfits and 25+ pieces.

Play on the fridge with this LeapFrog phonics magnetic letter set.

Use 24 magnetic pieces to make these 8 crazy animals with this Djeco set.

This tub contains 60 foam magnet objects for littles to play with.

Use these self adhesive magnets to make your items magnetic!

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40+ Easter Kids Activities and Crafts

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Easter is an exciting time for little ones. It’s a meaningful season so if you are religious, you can discuss the reason for the Easter season and build crafts around that. Kids can also make crafts involving bunnies, eggs, chocolate, hot cross buns and much more. Here are my top Easter Kids Activities and Crafts for you and your kids.

Over 40 Easter Activities And Crafts

Over 40 Easter Kids Activities and Crafts for Your Family

These cute little yellow chicks can be made using toilet paper rolls and google eyes.

Take a look at 8 Easter crafts for young toddlers and get busy with these fun crafts.

Egg decorating is a crafty activity little kids will love.

Learn numbers and letters with plastic Easter eggs with these 10 clever ideas.

A paper plate Easter bunny craft is a fun activity for young kids.

Try this quick and easy Easter art project.

Create this vibrant Easter egg stained glass window.

Tape resistant spin art Easter eggs are a stunning arty activity to try at home.

Make easy and pretty paper egg ornaments for Easter.

Check out these various Egg-cellent learning ideas with plastic Easter eggs.

So Many Easter Crafts And Activities To Try With Your Kids

Try these 9 unique ways to dye Easter eggs for a stunning creative activity.

Use colorful egg shells to make this gorgeous sensory activity for Easter.

Cute bunny pictures from hand stamps are a cute activity for arty kids.

Try some science fun with these 2 ingredient fizzing Easter eggs.

Handprint lambs with packing peanuts are a cute way to decorate a little lamb.

A life sized Easter basket is great fun to build.

What better way to start Easter than with an Easter sensory bin!

Thumbprint Easter cards are a fun creative craft for unique cards.

Create your own Easter holiday survival list and keep your kids entertained each day.

Get busy with some painting fun with these wet chalk tape resist Easter egg painting.

40+ Easter Activities And Crafts For The Family

For a super fast, super cute Easter craft make these pretty painted eggs.

Make an Easter bunny card with your child’s hand tracing.

Learn how to dye egg shells so that your child can create a range of creative crafts.

Your toddler can have some messy play learning to dye Easter eggs.

Have some fun making these colorful salt dough Easter eggs.

Put your eggs in this DIY paper weaving basket.

Create this pretty torn tissue paper egg.

These Easter egg hand prints are a cute craft for paint loving toddlers.

This cute paper cup bunny craft is a cute activity to make for little bunny-lovers.

Cross suncatchers are a lovely feature for dull windows around Easter time!

40+ Easter Crafts And Activities To Try With The Kids

Absorption art while creating these beautiful Easter eggs makes for a great science lesson.

Have fun with stickers in this Easter sticker resist painting activity.

Explore sound with these homemade egg shakers.

Get really creative with these stunning scratch and glitter eggs.

Your toddler will love making a giant Easter egg art piece.

Join a virtual book club and read some Easter books while doing Easter crafts.

Create a lovely Easter yarn-wrapped wreath for your front door.

Have great messy play fun making these Easter egg shell art projects.

Make an Easter bunny play dough craft with your toddler.

This DIY Easter tree is super sweet – make your own Easter tree!

This Easter egg and water bead sensory bin will delight your child!

Make some edible art with this colorful Easter egg toast!

Look at these cute things to do with your Easter bunny photos each year.

More Than 40 Easter Activities And Crafts For Kids

What are your favorite Easter activities and crafts? Share yours with us!

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Color Coloring Pages for Toddlers

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My toddler has been learning colors lately and I thought it would a super awesome idea to make her some color coloring pages to do.

They were a hit!

So print them out and enjoy!

Color Coded Coloring Pages For Toddlers

These pages are a companion to our color cards I made last week.

I recently discovered these flip crayons after getting “my first school book” for my newest little preschooler. My kids love them and as we all know that pincer grasp is under great development when using such short crayons.Use Flip Crayons For Toddlers

Print out each pages and encourage your toddler to color in the correct color.

Point out the images and name them. My toddler was quickly pointing to her favorites such as banana, bee, apple,rocket, bug etc…Encourage Color Recognition In Toddlers

You can grab the color coloring pages by clicking here.

ENJOY!!Color Coloring Pages For Toddlers

Easy Color Coloring Pages For Toddlers

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Giant ABC Coloring Page

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I’ve been making a very color and coloring pages for my toddler lately and has this one in the works for many weeks.

I finally finished it this afternoon and wow was the toddler excited to get to coloring it!!

It prints out in 6 pages which you basically tape together with normal tape. I usually then also tape it down to the table so they can come back over and over to color during the day.

This is a subscriber only download and can be found on the goodies page once you sign up. Thank you for being such awesome readers!

Giant Abc Coloring Page

The other printables in this series:


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50+ Button Games and Activities to do with your Preschooler

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Buttons are such fun! There are so many thousands of varieties of shapes, sizes, materials and designs of buttons, they can keep young kids riveted for ages. Here are 50+ amazing games to play with buttons, and activities to do with them!

50+ Button Games And Activities To Do With Your Preschooler

50+ Button Games and Activities to do with your Preschooler

Make this felt button tree with some thread, felt, and colorful buttons and enjoy this fine motor skill activity.

Have fun with different sizes and shades of green buttons, and make a button caterpillar inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar book!

Do some fine motor work with this simple threading activity with feathers and buttons. Make a small work tray and let your child play!

Photocopy a few button arrangements, and make this reusable Button Bingo set. You can match buttons or use other small toys to play on these sheets.

Based on the book Pete the Cat and his four Groovy Buttons, you can make this fun subtraction Math game using dice and buttons. Free shirt template available too!

These felt color sorting busy bags are a fantastic craft to make with leftover felt, and it is great for small kids who love to sort and pack buttons.

Make a stunning button rainbow with a huge variety of shades and colors of buttons! A lovely fine motor activity which you can frame afterwards!

Make some beautiful button star ornaments, and have some fun learning a bit about sewing as you make them!

There’s something so interesting about playing on mirrors! Keep your little ones busy with this buttons and small objects mirror activity.

Make these cute felt button valentines hearts for a mum or dad, by following this cute craft activity. It’s a no sew activity using glue, so it is easy for little fingers.

Practice counting with this hands-on umbrella counting and color sorting button activity.

Make a stunning picture for a nursery or child’s room by following this DIY burlap button flower garden wall art activity. It’s a gorgeous crafty activity that will brighten any wall.

Make this cute button raindrops activity and decorate a beautiful umbrella picture with blue buttons.

For little ones learning to count, make this Ladybug roll and cover Math game.

This stunning colorful DIY felt button board will keep crafty little ones busy for hours. A lovely activity that you can reuse for some quiet time fun.

More Than 50 Button Games And Activities To Do With Your Preschooler

Try this fine motor activity making button flowers with board, glue and colorful buttons.

Your child can make these super cute Cat In The Hat sticks with cat face buttons, some red, white and black paint, some craft sticks and glue. A great fine motor skill activity!

Learn about counting and maths with this fun Dinosaur graphing activity for preschoolers. Roll the dice and move your dinosaur. It can also be played with counters or small toys.

Make this counting Christmas Tree busy bag and learn to count to 20 with colorful buttons. This learning activity comes with a free printable!

Learn to count to 12 by putting buttons on these cute Snowman Button counting cards, and match the number of buttons with the number on each snowman’s hat.

This preschool fine motor lacing canvas activity is a whole lot of sewing fun – use a lacing canvas and some lacing cords and colorful buttons to fill a canvas with color!

Use different shape containers and a tub full of different shaped buttons, and play a fun shape matching button game.

Use some cut out felt numbers and match the correct number of buttons with each number. A fun preschool button match activity to learn how to count in a hands-on way.

Make a stunning button moon collage with black paper and shiny different shaped and sized buttons. A lovely, strikingly beautiful activity for creative little ones.

These printable teddy bear button counting cards are a cute and fun way to learn how to count. Match the correct number of buttons with each number teddy and have fun while learning!

Practice some fine motor skills with this fun button bracelets craft. These make wonderful gifts as well as jewellery they can keep.

Try teaching your child the alphabet with this hands-on button letters activity. Using just a tub of buttons, some glue and a drawn letter, your child will have loads of fine motor skills gluing fun while learning letter shapes.

Make some cute play dough snowmen, and dress them up with colorful buttons!

Make some clever button stampers with different size buttons and corks!

Use colorful buttons and a die to  play this fun roll and cover the shapes game.

Make a fridge magnet game with this magnetic button tic-tac-toe game.

Try this great fine motor skill ice cream pincer activity, and get good fine motor exercise while decorating your ice cream with tiny buttons!

Play with this mess-free color sorting sensory bag, and sort colored buttons into the correct color groups.

50+ Button Games And Activities To Try With Your Preschooler

Get creative with this fun counting game and play mitten button counting as you learn to count!

Get great practice sorting shapes in this fun shapes sensory bin full of different shaped buttons.

Make this cute button gumball machine with easy to use crafts around your home and buttons!

Make this starfish ocean craft that’s as cute as a button! A lovely activity using loads of colorful buttons and some starfish cutouts.

Use some buttons and scrap material around your home to make these stunning Spring button flowers.

Make this stunningly creative button fish craft for kids, using tissue paper, googly eyes and buttons.

Make this awesome felt button busy bag using lots of different colors, and take this fun chain activity anywhere!

Set up this quiet bin for your preschooler and watch as they create gorgeous fall button trees using pipe cleaners and fall colored buttons.

Learn how to make these awesome button sorting colored cups, and your little one will play for ages sorting colors!

Your child will love this rainbow sensory bottle made with buttons and water or hair gel. Very fun to create and to look at after!

Get out your buttons and pipe cleaners for these very cute fine motor button snakes!

Try this fun button STEM activity challenge and see who can create the tallest tower made of buttons and play dough.

Paint an egg tray different shades and create this fun color sorting wheel for little ones to practice color sorting in! A lovely Montessori-inspired activity.

Set up this fine motor work station, and your child can practice zigzag and squiggle patterns using buttons.

Get some fun inspiration with these 3 Pete the Cat activities and have fun crafting with buttons, cornmeal, colored paper and lots more.

Practice sorting shapes with this fun button sorting activity.

Make this color sorting busy bag using buttons and jar lids, for hours of sorting fun.

Make this gorgeous colorful button jellyfish craft using ribbon, glue, board and some colorful buttons. A lovely craft for arty little ones.

Buttons can be used in so many fun, creative ways to make beautiful activities and crafts with your little ones. Share any button activities that are popular in your home, we would love to see what you get up to as well!

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5 Real Ways Boys Can Develop Resilience to Failing

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As moms, we tend to want to protect our sons from life’s hard lessons. But there is great value in letting them experience those lessons – there is something strong and solid in learning resilience. How do we develop resilience in our sons? Resilience is a powerful life lesson to learn. It teaches us that we are capable of, and able to bounce back from a hard knock, and carry on as, if not better than before.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resilience as: “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.”

5 Real Ways Boys Can Develop Resilience to Failing

Ways we can teach our sons resilience:

Running a small business:

Letting preteens and teens run their own entrepreneurial idea will give your son a great lesson in resilience. As well as learn about profit, loss, budgeting, planning, dealing with finances and people skills, your son will almost certainly run into some setbacks in his business idea, and learn from those setbacks and grow. The value in learning after each setback, is in the realisation that he IS okay again every time, that things do work out well, that he can learn from the setback and adjust his reaction to it so as not to have THAT particular problem happen again.

Getting involved in family finances:

One of the great lessons to teach your son is how to handle money. How to budget, save, plan for the future and how to practice delayed gratification. There will be times when he/you will spend spontaneously, and then later realise the value of that money spent, when you need it and don’t have it. There will be the taste of hard times, and the sweetness of good times, when savings grow wonderfully, or investing pays off, or budgeting is stuck to and the results are seen.

Reading great biographies:

Another way to learn resilience is to read other people’s stories of how they learnt it! Expose your son to some great stories that will inspire and teach him.

Life as I have known it has been Finger Lickin’ Good – the story of Colonel Sanders, KFC

Colonel Sanders asked 1009 places if they’d like to sell his chicken, made with his secret recipe, and give him a percentage of sales, and received 1009 ‘no’s’ before he received his first ‘Yes!’ He spent two years driving across America, sleeping in his car, dressing every day in his white suit, asking restaurants if they were interested in his idea. He got 1009 ‘No’s!’ before he got a ‘Yes!’

Losing My Virginity – Richard Branson’s autobiography

Richard Branson had dyslexia, and performed poorly academically. He went on to own 360 companies, and is worth over 2.4 billion dollars.

Getting Involved In A Sport:

A great way to learn resilience is in sport. Whether playing a sport alone, or as part of a team, learning to push yourself to your max, learning what your limits are, and learning how to fail and succeed again are valuable lessons!

Know people who have learned resilience through experience:

Finding and befriending people who have been through great trials, and achieved great things regardless, is a great way for a child to learn about resilience, strength of character and tenacity.

All 20 chapters of Raising Boys is available to download and read right here.

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Free Printable Memory Game For Winter

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Memory games are great to pull out every now and again with the kids and as a result have many different themed ones. Today I have a winter themed memory game to share. It is super easy to make and will be a great addition to your collection.

Memory Game For Kids

Supplies for the memory game:

TIP: If you are not using the colorful wrapping paper for a backing you will want to print your cards out on card stock to give it a better durability.

Download the printable for your winter memory game and print it out. Glue the printable to the wrapping paper. Be sure to smooth it out a few times to get all the bumps out to make your cards smooth. Let dry if you need to.

How To Make A Memory Game

Cut the cards out and laminate them.

Now its time to play!!Quick Memory Game For Kids Learning

How to play your memory game

Shuffle the cards and put them out on a surface facing down in a row of 4 by 4.

The children are only allowed to turn over 2 cards at a time. The goal is to remember where the cards are that were previously turned over. Hence the name memory game!

Once you find a matching pair leave them face up and move on to the next two.

Free Printable Memory Game

We often talk about the picture on the memory cards.

What color are these mittens? Why do people were mittens?

What color are these trees? Did you know that certain trees keep their leaves in winter and are called evergreen trees?

There are 2 different snowmen. What are the differences?

Penguins live where? Do you think a penguin would really wear a party hat?

Did you know that no two snowflakes are alike?

These memory cards are also great as a winter theme companion and talking about the pictures on the cards can lead into other activities.

Winter Memory Game For Preschoolers Toddlers

Other memory games you might like!

  1. Lids Matching And Memory Game
  2. Memory & Matching Game – Christmas Busy Bags
  3. Free Printable Penguin Shape Matching Game
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40+ Fine Motor Ideas to Encourage Color Learning

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Having a young child at home is amazing – that age where they can absorb so much information, and learn so much is an excellent time for you to get creative and make a variety of crafts and activities for them to do. It’s easiest to learn while having fun! Take a look at my top 40 fine motor ideas to encourage your child to learn all about different colors!

40+ Fine Motor Activities All About Colors

40+ Fine Motor Ideas to Encourage Color Learning

This collection of activities to learn colors using colorful muffin pan inserts is a fun way for your child to learn colors and spelling of color names, and it comes with a free printable. Try a few different games and help your child learn colors easily!

Get your child involved in some colorful fun with this dot marker color activity. Match the dots with corresponding colored bottles, and have lots of color-learning fun while playing with colors. Your child can watch and copy the video too!

This is a super fun bead sorting activity for children – sort the box of random beads into separate colors in their own bottles. Children naturally seem to love sorting, and this is an awesome, fun activity for little ones keen to learn colors. Great to keep them busy while learning.

Your child will love sorting colors with this fine motor color sorting activity using colored Velcro strips and colorful mini hair bands. You can also play pattern games with these. A fun game to learn to match colors, and great for fine motor skills in young children!

Have fun with this clever sticker color recognition activity. Your child can match stickers with colored crayon circles – a fun way to match colors and create your own circles.

This cute fine motor activity stringing beads is a fantastic way for little hands to get used to managing small objects. It’s also a great way to discuss and learn the different colors with them. I don’t know a child who does not love beads, and stringing them!

This is a fun color sorting activity made from an egg carton. A fun activity where your child can match the different colors of beads with the colors painted inside the egg carton. Great for learning names of colors and matching them!

Try this fun sensory activity where your child matches colors and patterns using pre-painted sensory sticks. It’s a cute activity for learning pattern and color recognition; a fun matching game for little ones!

This fine motor pom pom activity will keep your child busy for ages! With a variety of containers to choose from, as well as different tools to pick up and move pom poms with, your child will spend hours moving pom poms from the main bucket to other containers. He/She can sort by color too!

Your child will love this feather color sorting activity – a lovely activity which is quick to set up. Put together a tray, some paper with color circles and a pile of colored feathers, and let your child sort the feathers into the correct colored circles on their tray.

This cute activity is great for helping your child learn his/her colors while playing with toys that they love. Use color bears and match them to colored circles for hours of playing and matching fun.

This activity playing with colors while painting with a giant eye dropper is bound to keep your child captivated for a long time! Paint with different colors, learn how to mix them, and have lots of messy play fun at the same time!

Follow this easy tutorial on how to make your own colorful umbrellas, with numbers, and then let your child match colors and numbers with buttons to the umbrellas! A beautiful crafty activity you can do with your child!

This fine motor muffin pan activity involves a free printable, a muffin tin and pom poms. Your child can use a variety of different tools to pick up the pom poms, and place them with their matching color disc in the muffin pan. Very fun for little ones!

Have some fun with this color sorting activity with a light table. Get some see-through colored containers, some clear colored chip bag clips, and let  your child have lots of light-play fun sorting clips with containers. Also good for fine motor skills!

This color mixing activity using coffee filter paper is a great way for your child to learn how different colors mix with each other. It’s also a messy play activity, which is bound to give hours of messy fun!

These felt color sorting busy bags are a great activity to do with your child – follow the tutorial to make these cute colorful felt bags, and then let your child sort colored toys into each bag. A great activity for learning colors, and matching them!

This cute color sorting with farm animals activity comes with a free download for color cards. Your child can use a variety of tools to pick up colored farm animals, and match them with the color cards you print. A great activity for learning color names and matching them!

This creative rainbow fish activity involves making a fish out of a paper plate, a palette of color paint in an egg carton, and letting your child experiment with mixing and painting colors onto their fish. A wonderful activity to learn about mixing colors!

Help your child match colorful popsicle sticks to their corresponding color bowls in this cute activity. Great for little ones learning color names, and learning about matching colors. A simple activity to do with things around the home!

40+ Fine Motor Activities About Color Learning

Make a busy bag full of learning activities, and let your child learn about shapes, counting and colors while having fun with these gorgeous printables. Make your own busy bag to store all the prints and pegs, and take your learning anywhere!

Help your child build a rainbow with this fun painted stacking stones activity, and let your child learn the colors of the rainbow, while having some balancing fun!

Have fun with this Feed The Spider color Catapulting game, where your child has to feed the spider with pom pom flies, practice aiming at the colored net and try to get the right color flies to the matching colored parts of the net.

This adorable game is a great way for your child to match colors – create these cute sheep with a free printable, and let your child match colored tails to the sheep. A clever way to teach colors while being creative!

Using egg cartons around your home, create this fun egg carton color matching craft. It’s a great craft for messy play as your child paints the cartons, and then separates them in order to match colors together.

Check out this collection of color learning activities that are stunning, and will leave your child busy for hours learning about different colors. From a color wheel, to colored water bottles, to colored glass shapes, your child will be mesmerized with these beautiful crafts!

Help your child make a beautiful clothespin rainbow busy bag! A beautiful craft involving paints, pegs and fine motor skills; this activity is sure to WOW you at the end with all its color!

Get creative with magnet sheets  and colorful buttons, and practice playing with numbers, learning colors, and having loads of color fun!

Make this cute fishing craft for your child, and watch them have endless fun while fishing for the right colored fish. A great activity to help your child learn all about the different colors, while having creative fun.

Have some science fun while learning about mixing colors with this Baking Soda & Colored vinegar activity. A great messy play activity that will give your child hours of fun!

This very clever activity is great for fine motor skills, learning to hold a pencil correctly, and aim as your child paints carefully with a pipette on the correct dots, on this printable page. An excellent activity to train pencil grip and strengthen hand and finger muscles in preparation for school!

Make this fine motor skill busy bag with paper clips and color circles, and travel anywhere with a great bag full of learning fun. Your child can spend hours creating numbers with paperclips, making necklaces, and learning how to match colored paper clips with color cards.

Help your child with fine motor skills as well as creativity as they make these cute rainbow threaded pasta necklaces. A great way to work little finger muscles, as well as have a whole lot of creative fun.

Buy yourself some quiet time with these beautiful DIY No Sew Quiet Books. Your child can braid the ribbon and match color squares no matter where you go. A gorgeous activity for busy hands!

This beautiful craft will be a hit with your small child! Print your own dinosaur pom pom mats and have lots of pom pom color matching fun. A great craft to make and keep.

This Monster Munch Fine Motor Activity will give your child hours of fine motor skill fun as they use mini monster clips to pick up and sort pom poms into the correct color containers.

This Days of the Week busy bag will help your child match days of the week pegs with their corresponding tags. It’s also color coded, so it’s a self correcting game even if your child isn’t at a reading age.

This cute Color Sorting Water Bin activity is a great bath time game. Use bug tongs to sort colored reusable ice cubes into the correct colored cups!

This fine motor skill will be a huge hit with your young child – use crazy straws to bead/thread on felt circles. A great activity for little ones ready to work finger muscles and fine tune their fine motor skills!

Use a range of colorful patterned cards cut out into different shapes, and then cut in halves, and give your child an afternoon of matching creative fun. This shape and pattern activity is a beautiful way to get familiar with shapes, colors and textures!


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20+ Ways to Play and Learn with Cellophane

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There’s something magical about cellophane; it comes in such lovely colors and is still clear. There are so many beautiful activities and crafts you can use cellophane for. Take a look at these fave ways to play and learn with cellophane.

20+ Ways To Learn With Cellophane

20+ Ways to Play and Learn with Cellophane

Make these cellophane color paddles from primary colors, and help your child learn about color mixing with this clever activity!

Your child will have fun for hours decorating your window with this fun stained glass window project. Paint the glass with soapy water, and create with a variety of cellophane shapes.

Pick a theme of your child’s liking, cut out shapes for it, and your child can make this fun colorful window cling art project. There’s something so exciting and magical about the light shining through all the different colors in the window art!

Cut out a variety of shapes and colors of cellophane, and your child can make this beautiful, colorful cellophane sticky art collage. Great for learning colors and shapes, and a fab fine motor skills activity!

Your child will love making this beautiful 3D stained glass house out of cellophane and plastic containers. It’s a lovely craft activity and a decorative craft to keep once made!

Use a sticky contact canvas on a window to create this lovely cellophane sticky art project. Your child can learn about shapes and colors while carefully sticking each piece onto the canvas.

Make these stunning butterfly suncatchers with cellophane and black paper, and then watch them dance and shine in the sunlight. A favorite with little crafty kids!

Use leftover bits of cellophane to brighten up an old window with this gorgeous rainbow window art activity. A great way to keep kids busy if it’s cold or rainy outside!

Help your little ones learn their shapes by making cellophane window shapes. A cute and different way to help them learn!

Make these vibrant colorful sparkler fireworks with this clever craft using cellophane, foil and straws. A fun toy to make and keep!

This is an awesome snowflake stained glass window activity to make on your window. Cut out snowflake shapes and let your child create this lovely snowflake collage!

Use colorful cellophane and pipe cleaners to make these fun pipe cleaner glasses for little ones.

20+ Ways To Play With Cellophane

Cut out triangles with different color cellophane sheets, stick onto contact sticky paper and make this lovely wooden framed collage. A lovely keepsake once finished, which can be hung anywhere!

Make a mini stained glass window using colorful cellophane shapes, contact paper and a DIY wooden frame. An easy-to-make activity with crafts around the house.

Your toddler will love this cellophane color sorting activity! Use a few different frames on  your wall for each color, and let your child sort colored cellophane shapes into the right colored frames.

Use cardboard paper rolls, elastic bands and cellophane to make some fun colored glasses. Your child can walk around looking at the world in each color!

For a garden themed craft, try this fall craft with different colored leaves and flowers. Use the correct ratio of soap to water, and it will stick on your window for a long time as a beautiful, colorful masterpiece.

Your child will adore these beautiful dragonflies made from cellophane, pipe cleaners and craft sticks/wooden spoons. A lovely fine motor skill to make, and a fun toy afterwards.

This project can be made using cellophane strips; create something similar to this water color activity with vibrant cellophane colors.

Your child will absolutely adore this toddler-sized stained glass house, made with different colored cellophane walls.

Teach your child how blue and yellow mix by making this simple little blue, little yellow activity with blue and yellow cellophane.

Make sweet wrapper flowers in this cute activity for leftover sweet wrappers; also a fine motor skills activity for little fingers!

Use colorful cellophane and plastic sleeves to make a range of colorful circles that your child can stick onto a sunlit window. The sun-made colored circles on the floor will give your child ages of dancing fun. A lovely effect for sunny days!

Print these multiplication cards for your third or fourth grade child, and make these really clever code breaker multiplication cards which can only be ‘decoded’ using a cellophane detective looking glass.

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Free Robot Bingo Game for Kids

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My kids just love bingo and i’ve actually made a few of this game with different themes for this very reason!

Today we had fun with robots.

Easy Games For Kids

As far as bingo goes it is rather simple.

Print out the 5 pages on cardstock, cut the page titled cards into small cards. You now have 4 sheets for up to 4 players.

Shuffle the deck of robot cards and draw one at a time. The first one to make a line of 4 either way says bingo!Free Printable Activities And Games

Grab your free printable robot bingo cards here.

Also checkout the ideas below for more awesome robot printables and activities!Robot Bingo Game For Kids

Robot activities


Name Puzzle Robot // Still Playing School

Robot Coloring Matching Clip Cards // Modern Preschool

Robot Sensory Writing Tray // Fun-A-Day!

Beginning Blends Robot Puzzles // Mom Inspired Life

Robot Preposition Posters // Liz’s Early Learning Spot

Free Robot Bingo // Powerful Mothering

Robot Sums of Ten Puzzles // The Kindergarten Connection

Counting with Robots // Teach Me Mommy

Robot Subtraction Cards // The STEM Laboratory

Robot Coverall Game // Recipe for Teaching

Robot CVC Word Puzzles // A Dab of Glue Will Do

Robot Reading Buddy // Play and Learn Every Day

Robot Beginning Digraph Puzzles // Letters of Literacy

Robot Digraph Scratch // Adventures and Play

Robot Rhyming Mats // Fairy Poppins

Robot Addition Cards // Playdough to Plato

Robot Pattern Task Box Activities // My Creative Inclusion

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Painting Brush Bot (Not Shown) // Schooling a Monkey

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Free Printable Color Cards for Toddlers

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My toddler is learning things in leaps and bounds and at 2 years and 4 months is wanting to name almost everything. To encourage her along I made some color cards for her to oogle, point and basically learn her colors with!

I also tried to use toddler friendly clip art!

Color Sorting Cards For Toddlers

The idea is very simple. Download your cards and print them out on either cardstock or normal paper and laminate. I defiantly would laminate these because of rough toddler usage!

The size is 2 cards per page.
Free Printable Cards For Toddler

Spread them out and name the colors or image and colors.

Red Apple

Orange Carrot

What color is the carrot?

What color is this cat?

Can you give me the pink pig?

I hope your toddler enjoys these cards as much as mine does!

Download them here.Easy Color Cards For Toddlers

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30+ Doable Valentine’s Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Valentine’s Day is such an exciting day for young children. They get to make beautiful cards, play fun games, and create gorgeous crafts for the people they love. Here are a collection of my favorite activities for toddlers and preschoolers to make for Valentine’s Day this year!

Over 30 Doable Valentine's Day Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

30+ Doable Valentine’s Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

These valentine crowns are a gorgeous crafty activity to make with your preschoolers. Toddlers can help too by adding glitter and other little decorations. A lovely way for little girls to feel like princesses, or a cute gift to make for mom for Valentine’s Day!

Make a heart suncatcher craft with a fun variety of craft materials including glue and tissue paper. Stick to red, or decorate with pinks and white, for a beautiful decorative crafty activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

This I love you to pieces Valentine’s Day craft comes with a free printable, and is a beautiful gift to give the person you love! It’s easy to make and a whole lot of crafty glue and paste fun.

Your preschooler can make this colorful heart wreath with printable hearts, black card stock and some glue. A lovely decorative piece to place in your home or on your door for Valentine’s Day.

This fingerprint heart keepsake is a lovely personal craft to make for a mom or dad, and comes with a printable poem too!

Make a paper plate Valentine’s Day suncatcher using some basic arty materials at home. Your toddler and preschooler will love decorating this lovely suncatcher, and watching it in the sun once it is made!

These adorable love bugs are very cute and fun to make. Use some egg cartons,  red paint, sparkly pipe cleaners and some decorative bits to make these cute love bugs with your little ones.

Read the book A String Of Hearts while making these sweet paper heart chains. Your child will love seeing how they all unfold as they are cut and unfolded, and will enjoy decorating each heart.

Your child can make this fine motor heart garland with a handy heart printable. It’s a lovely fine motor skill using a punch and wool, as well as threading.


Turn your kids’ photos into these adorable love bugs, and have your child decorate the wings for it! A lovely Valentine’s Day craft using your cutest photos and lots of crafty goods, while making a beautiful keepsake!

30+ Doable Valentine's Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Make these gorgeous glitter jars of floating hearts with your little one, guaranteeing ages of shaking fun! A beautiful activity with none of the glittery mess!

For something a little different, and for some great sensory fun, try making this valentines painting on ice. Little kids will love the different textures of paint and ice, and playing with different colors as the ice melts.

Play hide and seek with this cute valentines heart scavenger hunt, and let your little one go and find all the hidden hearts. A great way to identify shapes and colors!

Make your mum or dad a heart flower card with this gorgeous heart printable, and some colored card stock. A very beautiful activity involving lots of crafty fun!

Make this beautiful flower gift in a crafty decorated box! Your preschooler will have a lot of crafty fun making this lovely gift!

Make a yarn wrapped heart mobile for Valentine’s Day with this cute fine motor skills activity.

This easy valentine paper necklace is a cute craft to make using simple colored string and valentine-colored paper straws.

If you feel like some humorous activities, try some of these anti-Valentine’s Day crafts and activities for your child to play and make.

Make some cute heart-shaped animals out of different sized heart shapes. A cute activity for little ones who like to draw, color and decorate.


Your little one can make a special Valentine’s card for a loved one using this cute heart-shaped ladybug card idea – this card opens up in a special way!

If your child is looking for some creative ideas for valentine cards, check out this gorgeous easy DIY valentine card activity for kids. Great for kids practicing gluing and cutting skills, and a lovely way to use scrap paper with beautiful results.

Doable Valentine's Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

For little scientists in the house, check out this valentine love potion play activity using vinegar, baking soda and Kool-Aid. Very fun messy play!

For some cutting, gluing and color fun, try making this beautiful valentines heart mobile with fine motor practice.

These tissue bleed valentine hearts are a lovely way to make beautiful valentine hearts for someone you love, while getting creative with crepe paper and some pastel colored paints.

Your child can create this printable heart valentine buddy shaped craft using different sized shapes and materials. A cute fine motor skills activity too!

Use coffee filters and some paints to create this beautiful heart print valentine art project with your preschooler.

For a gorgeous keepsake using glue and some shiny crafty beads or gems, your child can make this heart suncatcher Valentine’s Day craft!

Make this valentines heart crayon resistant art using white crayon and some colorful crepe paper, for this clever color play activity.

For some low prep valentines day busy bags, check out these 3 clever ideas involving loom bands, lacing cards and heart doilies!

For a reading, moving, crazy-fun kid game, try playing musical hearts. A fun game for kids of all ages.

For a wonderful sensory experience, make this valentines heart sensory tub for your child. Fill it with colored rice, pom poms, plastic hearts and foam hearts, and watch as your child explores all the different textures and colors.

For kids who love building and constructing things, try this super heart marshmallow toothpick structure activity.

Try this fun math number game for preschoolers learning to count. They’ll love playing this heart Roll To Fill math number game.

Do you have any valentine games or activities that your preschooler or toddler love to create and play? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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30+ Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Number Learning

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When your child is at the age where they begin to learn numbers, it is always an exciting age. There are so many fun ways to help them  understand the concept of numbers and counting. Take a look at my top 30+ activities that encourage fine motor skills while helping to teach numbers!

Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Number Learning

These beautiful printable caterpillar counting cards are a lovely way to teach your child the numbers 11-20. Available in Spanish, French and English, print and laminate them for a lovely keepable activity your child will love reusing! 1-10 also available on the site.

Help your child build this lovely clock at home, and then make these adorable mice from clothespegs which your child can match to the clock numbers. A lovely craft for your child to do, while learning about numbers and time!

This creative super fine motor skills activity with mini pegs and glitter glued numbered popsicle sticks will give your child a creative way to match numbers with pegs. A great way to learn counting!

Help your child learn their numbers by showing them how to create each number from colorful pipe cleaners. A fun way to learn how to copy numbers, and a great fine motor skill as they bend and twist pipe cleaners into each number.

Make a fun learning set with jumbo foam numbers and clothes pegs, and let your child peg the correct amount of pegs onto each giant number.  A fun learning activity for busy little  hands.

Count with flower pipe cleaners and pom poms, and make this cute DIY counting set at home. Your child can match number cards to number flower cards, and get creative decorating each flower as they learn to count.

Your child will have fun learning to count with this cute number and paperclip chain preschool activity. Link the correct number of paperclips to each colorful, and have great fun learning to count.

Your child will love this homemade popsicle stick puzzle. Line them all up in a row, paint a picture on, and then shuffle, for a lot of rematching and ordering fun.

This cute dinosaur busy bag will have your child busy for ages. Create the dinosaur with simple crafts and paint, and then help your child learn to count by having them order numbered pegs ontop of the dinosaur.

Take a look at these 3 cute Dinosaur Counting Activities for kids, that will keep your child entertained while learning! An easy activity to make and play at home with some printouts and a muffin tin.

Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Number Learning

Help your child learn to count while you cook, with this fun Dry Eraser Marker on the Fridge activity. Your child can match up magnetic numbers to dry erase numbers and chat to you about it while you cook!

These 2 activities using Tally Marks for counting, will help your child learn larger numbers, while having tactile fun with craft sticks. The light table activity is especially popular with young children!

Try out this salt tray writing game with materials around the home. Your child can write the corresponding numbers from each card you show them. A great fine motor skill as well as good practice with pencil grip!

Learn to count with this simple but fun dot marker rainbow activity. Your child can count as they dot with colorful dot markers and easy to use printable number sheets. Learning how to count to 10 has never been this fun!

Have fun creating this cute felt apple busy bag, with apple seeds, and let your child learn to count as they decorate the apple with it’s seeds.  A cute busy bag which you can take with you anywhere!

This clothespin counting activity is a clever way to use mini clothespins to practice counting on craft sticks. Get creative and color them any way your child fancies, and then get counting!

Your child can learn to count while having fun with this cute counting busy bag. Use the free printable to make laminated shape cards, and then use numbered pegs to practice counting. A great activity to use while travelling!

Use acorns and muffin paper holders to practice counting, and play some counting games with your child. A simple fun activity to use in your garden on a lovely day.

Print this awesome apple tree with numbers and place holders, and let your child count to 10 with these cute plastic red and green apples. A lovely tactile fine motor skills activity which your child will love playing with. Place the apples in the tree and count as you do so!

Use acorns to play this cute acorn hats counting game. Roll the dice and balance the corresponding number of hats onto your acorn man. A very fun cute game that makes counting come to life as you play.

This cute activity counting apple seeds and placing them on an apple tree, will be a great hit with your child! A fun game which you can store in a flip file or envelope, for future use.

Learn to count with these stunning printable gingerbread men number cards. Place mini pompoms onto your men as you count, and laminate them for future playing!

Have some creative fun making these counting kites with your child. Use mini clothes pegs to count to the correct number with each number kite! Your child will love creating these and learning with them!

This giant dot to dot game will have your child learning counting in the correct order, while working large muscle groups which help develop fine motor skills.

Make an adorable counting hedgehog in this activity, which is great for fine motor skills as well as learning how to count! Use DAS Modelling material, some colorful craft sticks and some acrylic paints and your child will keep engrossed for ages giving this cute hedgehog his spikes!

Use tongs and tweezers for great fine motor skills development in this great snowball counting activity. Using a muffin pan and some pom poms, your child will have lots of fun with this snowball activity!

Use some beautiful fall leaves for this great counting activity. Your child can match up clothes pegs with numbered leaves and learn how to count while having fun outdoors!

Counting beads on pipe cleaners is a brilliant way to get your little one to learn to count, which having fine motor skill development and fun. Make this easily at home, and watch as your child learns to count while beading these numbered pipe cleaners.

Mould pipe cleaners into numbers, and add beads for a very clever counting activity, which is also great for fine motor development. A great combination of beading, creating numbers and learning to count!

Use things around the home to create this fun counting game with buttons and muffin cups, and let your child drop in the correct number of beads into each muffin cup in the muffin tray. A cute way to count with them as they learn, and a cheap craft!

Use clear plastic cups to make these 3 cup twisting fine motor games which your child will love. It involves a lot of hand eye coord as they move the cups to the correct places, and helps them to learn to count while having fun!

Make these gorgeous counting and color sort umbrellas, and give your child ages of counting fun as they glue counted buttons onto each numbered umbrella!

Use these cute gingerbread men for a counting activity! Get some colored beads together, cut out some gingerbread men, and help your child learn to count while having fun with this crafty activity. Great as a busy bag which you can take anywhere!

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20+ Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Letter Learning

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Your child will love this collection of activities which encourage letter learning. A lot of activities can be made at home, with materials you have lying around! Take a look at my top 20+ activities for kids to learn the alphabet!

Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Letter Learning

Your child can learn all about letters with this fun tactile Playdough and Alphabet activity using magnetic letters and playdough. Piece together short words if you like too, and learn how to sound out short words!

Practice writing letters with this clever Q tip erase activity, where your child has to erase each letter she practices writing over. A clever way to learn how to write letters. There’s something about erasing that kids love!

Have some sensory fun with this colored rice tub and ABC activity. Get some foam letters, hide them in the rice and have your child dig for each letter, to complete the foam mat puzzle.

Create letters with pegs, with this fantastic Alphabet dice letter formation fine motor activity. With a letter dice and a peg board, your child can have hours of fun creating each letter that is rolled on the dice!

Your child can have fun with this foam sticker letter match, and match upper and lower case letters together, while creating a lovely poster they can keep!

Use a wipeable alphabet book and some toy bears, and make this cute alphabet formation compare bears activity for your child. A cute way to practice the formation of letter with small toys!

Use some colorful paper and make these beautiful printable Alphabet lacing cards to help teach your child the alphabet. Lacing is a fun way to improve eye hand coord as well as fine motor skills.

Make a sticky letters busy bag for your child, and learn the alphabet on the go. All you need is a protective sheet to write on, a khoki and some sticky letters, and you are all set to learn your alphabet!

Practice writing your name while learning letters, and having some messy play fun with this great activity. Use paints, sponges, pegs and a toy dinosaur as a stamp for some great fine motor skill fun!

Use some ABC flash cards and a spider writing tray to make this activity, which is great for practicing letter formation, with a fun spider theme! Your child can copy each letter from the alphabet cards, and write it in the salt.

Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Letter Learning

Use bottle caps lying around your home to make this clever bottle cap name recognition stamping activity, and help your child learn the letters of his/her name, and stamp it in correct letter order!

Use a simple baking tray and some dry erase markers to make this simple, fun magnetic letter matching activity for your child. It’s a great way for your child to recognise and  match letters together.

Your child can have fun with this ice cream and sprinkles alphabet writing practice set, which you can easily make at home! What better fun than to write letters in sprinkles, with a cute ice cream theme on your cards!

This alphabet water sensory game is a win! Your child can play the game in 2 versions, and it’s a great fine motor activity as you use a variety of fine motor tools to catch your letters!

Your child can learn to write their name with this fun snowball name fine motor literacy activity. Use ring reinforcement stickers to write each letter of his/her name.

Use these Montessori style letters and create aluminium foil letters. Your child will love this activity, as it is hands on and uses fun different materials.

Try this fine motor dot sticker letter learning and name recognition activity which little ones will love – stick stickers along the letters in each name, and see as your child’s name appears in stickers!

Practice using finger strength in different degrees with this fun blowing pom poms activity, where your child has to blow air from a bottle to touch the letters you call out.

Your child can create his/her name using a range of fun materials in this sensory name recognition activity. Use a hot glue gun, paints and foil to create an amazing name masterpiece.

Grab these alphabet printables, and do this great ABC Worksheets for preschoolers activity, where they can stamp alphabet letter stamps inside each letter. A great activity to learn the difference between upper and lowercase letters while having some messy play.

Make a beautiful ABC Yarn book which you can keep for future learning, with some black board, glue and yarn. A great hands-on activity which your child will love!

Your child will love this movable alphabet sensory bag, which is made really easily with clear hair gel, a freezer bag and some plastic alphabet pieces.

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20+ Free Preschool Tracing Worksheets

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Preschool age is such a fun age – your child’s mind is bursting with creativity and ideas. Take a look at my favorite printable worksheets for preschool kids, and get loads of great ideas on how to help your child learn in a fun way!

Free Preschool Tracing Worksheets

Try out some of these printable worksheets for your child to practice writing on, while learning pencil control. There are some great patterns to trace over, but you can also draw your own!

Get your own free name tracing worksheet and print your child’s name on worksheets that they can practice writing on. A clever way to help your child learn and write their name, and reusable if you place them in plastic pockets.

Your child can have fun copying the gross motor skills activities associated with each pattern they practice writing on, in this Get Moving activity sheet!

Learn while on the go with these clever Tracing Lines busy bags which have cut out strips of writing patterns, which you can pack up and travel with.

Your child can learn to write their uppercase and lowercase letters with these beautiful color Alphabet Tracing Worksheets. Laminate them and reuse them for hours of learning fun!

This M is for Measuring Cup Handwriting Mazes printables have 9 pages with 6 different handwriting mazes. They are gorgeous printables that will help your child become familiar with the letter M.

Learn to write basic words while tracing pictures that go with them, with these stunning Alphabet & Picture Tracing worksheets. These are a great way to reinforce letter sounds.

Harold & The Purple Crayon tracing and prewriting pack has 9 pages of line tracing, shape tracing, mazes and tracing pictures

This printable helps your child practice writing the number 3. Check out the patchimals page for more printable worksheets for hours of learning fun!

Take a look at this extensive collection of worksheets for  preschoolers, including alphabet tracing, pattern tracing, shape tracing and letter recognition sheets. This collection guarantees hours of learning fun!

Free Preschool Tracing Worksheets

This Preschool Tracing Practice Worksheet is a cute activity to help your child practice pencil grip and tracing different patterns. Print a copy and laminate, and get practicing!

These Prewriting Practice Solid & Dashed printables are a gorgeous collection of worksheets which your child can use to practice writing patterns on. You can choose between solid lines and dashed lines; great fun!

Your child can progress from tracing numbers to writing the numbers themselves, with these clever Writing Numbers With Trace & Try Handwriting Pages. Print them all for numbers 0-9 and get practicing!

Have fun learning about the beach while practicing drawing on the lines with this cute beach line pattern tracing worksheet. A great activity for learning pencil grip and staying on the lines.

These beautiful in-color Number Tracing Worksheets with arrows to show writing direction, will help your child learn how to form numbers. There is also space for your child to write the numbers on their own. Print, laminate and learn!

Color in a picture of the letter you are learning to write, and then practice writing the letter in 3 different levels – trace over, trace inside and write on your own. These Free Trace & Try Handwriting Pages are a sure win!

This is a beautiful collection of A to Z Handwriting Worksheets, covering practice lines and patterns, as well as letter practice lines. Download the full collection for hours of fun learning to write the alphabet!

This cute Handy Owl picture has a few different patterns on which your child can learn to write. Your child’s writing creates the owl’s decoration, and can be made into a fun craft activity.

These Pencil control worksheets have patterns to trace over, creatively woven into cute pictures that your child will love coloring in! Print them and get busy having fun while learning creatively!

This cute Tool Trace & Color page is a fun way to trace tools while learning about the different tools people use, and their uses.

Free Preschool Tracing Worksheets

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20+ Fine Motor Ideas that Encourage Shape Learning

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There are so many fun ways to help teach your child about shapes. They’re at an age where they are full of creativity and love learning through play.

Fine Motor Ideas That Encourage Shape Learning

Take a look at my 20+ fun ways to learn about shapes:

Your child will love building different shapes and objects with these clever velcro dot craft sticks. Take a few minutes to make them, and then sit back and watch your child go crazy over these fun craft sticks that stick to each other to create…well, anything!

Buy a tub of these colored shape links and make your own sequencing cards. Your child will learn how to match shapes and colors, as well as have hours of endless fun linking these shapes and making designs. Store them in a Mr Men tin if your child loves that theme, and you have a wonderful reusable activity!

Help your child design and cut felt circles in different colors, and then set them free to explore their range of colored and different shaped circles and build as they wish. A fun fine motor skill activity as well as a color and shape learning activity!

This window shapes matching activity is a great way to practice learning shapes and colors while having messy play fun. Help cut out the shapes, and then write on the window and let your child match up the shapes with yours.

This Guess The shape activity is a good way to test your child’s knowledge of shapes by recognizing only half a shape at a time. It’s also good cutting practice, as he/she has to cut the folded shape paper and unfold it to show the whole shape.

Your child can learn shapes with this clever and fun toy car activity. Help build roads in different shapes, and then discuss the shapes of the roads and colors of the cars as your child plays.

Your child can practice cutting, painting and working with shapes with this awesome paper plate shapes yarn activity. A great activity for some messy play and creativity while learning.

Try this fine motor skills activity with push pins, and your child can  practice pincer grip, develop hand-eye co-ordination and build finger strength while learning their shapes.

Practice making shapes with gorgeous colorful feathers and learn about shapes while studying how many feathers are needed for each shape’s edge, how many feathers are needed to fill a shape, and group same-color feathers together.

Make these shapes busy bags and your child can learn about shapes, colors and counting while on the go! A great activity with free printable, to help your child practice pincer grip while learning about colors!

Fine Motor Skills With Shapes

Make some shape sheets and let your child search in magazines for matching shapes. A clever activity that helps your child practice cutting skills while using critical thinking and observation skills to fill each shape page with pictures!

Use pipe cleaners and make shapes that your child can bead on, with colored dyed pasta pieces. Your child will love making these colorful necklace pieces!

Get some great ideas from this shape activity using clothespins, and show your child how to make shapes while your child learns! A great fine motor skill activity.

Your child can learn about shapes in a great tactile way with these shape sheets and playdough. Mould shapes out of playdough and place them over the shapes on  your shape sheet, for a great collection of self rolled shapes!

Create monster cards from your child’s art by helping them cut and paste a range of different colored shapes onto a sheet of paper. Add googley eyes and cut out into a monster shape, for a cute keepsake.

Give your child hours of creative fun with this printable shape and pattern activity. Use textured and colored paper to cut out different shapes, cut them in halves and let your child explore shapes while building and piecing them together.

Your child can have loads of shape building fun with these clever magnetic popsicle sticks, which  you can make at home. Build a variety of shapes and objects while learning about shapes!

Use shape buttons and a sorting tray, along with this free printable, to help your child learn all about shapes while matching them together.

Buy some wooden circles, and make this cheap and easy shape sorting activity with shapes and an ice tray. It’s a fun activity which you can keep and reuse over and over.

Make this stunning collection of different size shapes, laminate them and stick velcro at the back of each shape to make this fun shape matching activity your child will love playing with.

Make this amazing geo board at home with push pins and loom bands, and let your child create shapes. A great activity giving hours of fun while creating shapes, and strengthening finger muscles.

This gorgeous Light Bright Geoboard is a stunning activity to create for your kids. Using a light bright tabletop and light bright pegs, your child can use rubber bands to make different shapes on this captivating board!

Your child can have some tracing fun, practicing working carefully with a pencil or pen, while making a truck from shapes, and then tracing around each shape, creating a truck picture he can color in.

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20+ Printable Learning Activities for 2 Year Olds

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When your child is two, there are so many exciting activities you can do with them. Not only can you have lots of fun but you can start helping them learn things about themselves, as well as the world around them.

Here are some of my favorite activities for two year olds who are curious, busy and love messy play! Take some time to learn through play with your little one.

20+ Learning Activities For 2 Year Olds

These shaped printables help your child to learn shapes, colors and counting incorporating pegs and busy bags you can travel with.

Learn to recognize numbers 1 to 20 with these pretty printable numbers which you can laminate, and arrange in the correct order, before helping your child trace them with a finger or felt tip pen.

Have fun learning dinosaur names and color names with this printable dinosaur matching game for toddlers.

This printable sticky shape matching activity will be a great hit with toddlers who are looking to play with and learn about shapes, and match them with sticky shape stickers.

These laminatable hat matching printable cards are a fun way to mix and match character heads and hats with bodies.

This 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed printable activity is a fun activity to do while singing the song. Learn to count and word recognition!

Print these printable alphabet gross motor cards, and exercise your way through the alphabet with your toddler while having lots of fun learning letters!

This Very hungry caterpillar mini unit pack is a great way to explore the alphabet using bits from the book. It has some beautiful coloring pages with letter as well as sequencing cards and Day of the Week signs

Learn all about farm animals while you create and play with this cute Peek-a-Boo Farm animals activity set, arrange animals in the barn and practice making their animal sounds.

Learn colors in this hands-on creative Fall leaf color sorting activity; sort leaves into different colors and learn while you play.

20 Printable Learning Activities

Practice recognizing colors and shapes with this cute gingerbread man shape matching busy bag activity, with shape cards to match. Your child can have fun copying the cards and recognizing shapes as they play.

Have fun learning letters while getting creative and crafty with these clever printable letter activities and letter crafts! Learn with letter of the week and help your child with letter recognition!

This cute activity lets your child match the snowman’s buttons with his hat and scarf, using different color snowman cards and a range of colorful crafts for the buttons.

This beautiful number train will help your toddler practice color and number recognition. The pieces are large and can be laminated, or put together as an art piece.

Learn to count and match number names and numbers to number cards with these gorgeous Match and Count 1 – 10 number cards.

Learn all about the letter z with this Z is for Zebra mini tot pack, full of fun pages to color in, as well as ways to use different crafts while learning.

Have some coloring fun with this cute Five little ducks printable activity, and learn to count to five while being creative!

Learn all about your body with this fun Montessori Self Discovery basket, with free printable. Use a mirror and help your child identify different body parts.

Get a range of creative fun ideas for teaching body awareness with your two year old from this collection of My Body activities for tots, with printables. Body parts match up, stages of life match up and My Body Can Move counting activity are a few fun activities you can find here.

Learn to count with this fun Counting Caterpillar busy bag, and get creative counting on the caterpillar with crafty goods. These printables are gorgeous and easy to take anywhere as a busy bag!

Use these fun 1 – 10 printable pages to practice counting to ten with dot markers, stickers or toys.

This Fishing For Numbers & Colors activity is a really cute way of learning numbers and colors, using a fishing rod and some cute cut out, printable fish. Have lots of fun playing find the number or naming what you catch.

20+ Learning Activities For 2 Year Olds

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Top 10 Snowman Crafts for Kids

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Do you wanna build a snowman… Who likes snowmen crafts? We sure do, and one could make cute snowmen from so many materials!

Snowman Activities For Kids

Here are my top 10 snowman crafts, perfect for kids (or big kids).

Make a puffy snowman with this shimmery puffy paint, great sensory activity too.

Use paper plates to make a paper plate snowman or use TP rolls for these toilet paper roll snowmen!

Turn foam cups into these adorable snowmen, aren’t they cute?

Have fun with snowman stick puppets, singing songs or making up your own stories.

These cork snowmen looks great as ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Make a special snowman keepsake to remember the size of your child’s hands!

Create a 3D snowman, using polystyrene balls and some buttons, sweet.

Turn plain tea lights into tea light snowmen, such a clever idea!

Lastly, use paper only to make this paper snowman, a super easy craft!

So many cute and fun snowmen crafts, which one do you want to try first?

More SNOW ideas:

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Fine Motor Practice with Pom Poms and Pinecones

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I’m a sucker for super easy play ideas but on the other hand these seem to be the ones that the kids love the most. It’s easy, it is not such a mess and in this one we work on fine motor skills as well as size sorting.

Fine Motor Skills With Pom Poms

You will need:

and thats it!

I emptied the bag of pom poms into a tub. Now these pom poms come in a variety of sizes so if my 2 year old wanted to get those pom poms into the pinecone she was going to have to pick the right sizes. Tadaa! Size sorting.

For the younger 1+ toddlers I would sort some pom poms that will fit, I think at that age they are not ready to size sort.Easy Fine Motor Toddler Idea

Your child then picks the pom poms up, lovely pincer exercise, then fit the pom pom between the spaces in the pinecones. Fine motor skills at its best! I tell you this activity keeps them busy for a while and is great to pull out if you need 5 odd minutes to get a task done.

I got a little inaction video too!

Pincer Fine Motor Idea

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Spell My Name on a Train

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This weeks virtual book club features The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsberg with the theme of trains. The book is available on kindle unlimited too.

For this weeks activity I decided to reinforce our name spelling by making a train to place letters on. This activity can easily be done as a busy bag too!

Foam Train For Names

To make your train cut a few foam blocks to make a train. hot glue the train bits onto a strip of black foam to make it stable. Add wheels.

I choose the number of train carts to fit the longest name of my kids.Fine Motor Idea For Name Recognition

Use foam letters and sort out a few to include the children’s names. I have 4 kids to I made a mix of all these letters.Fine Motor Names

Although my youngest is only 2 she loved this activity for its simple matching and fine motor skills. The older kids will be reinforcing learning their names with this train. as my 2 year old says. choo choo!Find My Name

Since all the kids names are of different length it was an interesting exercise to compare the length of each name.Explore this weeks train theme with the virtual book club. We made a cure name train. great for fine motor and name recognition. Expandable to a busy bag.

virtual book club for kids

Join our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group 

You are invited to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about the weeks theme.  Featured below are many ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.

More train themes:


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Kids Kindle Fire – Setup and Usage Tips

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Choosing a tablet for kids was a long process for me and in the end I bought both the leappad and the kids kindle fire to compare them. They both have setup hurdles for the not so tech savvy parent and as a person who considers herself to be tech savvy I had to google a lot of my head scratching moments when trying to setup my new tablets.

My kids now each have a kids kindle fire tablet as it seemed the best choice as they were outgrowing the leappad and its constricting environment.

After the black friday deals I shared about the tablet and a lot of my readers bought their kids tablets for Christmas I decided that a setup guide was timely.

Kids Kindle Fire Setup Usage Tips

I talk about all the things I am about to write down here in the video, but sometimes you just need a quick glance to solve a little problem. This page will be great to pin or share on facebook with other parents who I expect will be struggling with making the kids kindle fire run well.

Lets dive right in!

When you unpack your new tablet and turn it on the prompts to set up are pretty basic. Just follow what it wants. Sign in with your Amazon account, which will add the tablet to your amazon profile, and connect the wi-fi. On your home screen when it is done installing find the freetime app, click that and setup your first kids profile. If you have more than one child you can setup another by going to the settings (pull from the top for a menu) then profiles & family library. Inside there click add a child until everyone is added.

Kids Kindle Fire Setup – Watch the video:

TIP: Pre-download some apps before giving a tablet to the child. Downloading and installing is a pain for kids with a shiny new tablet they just want to play with!

Quick things to set:

Screen brightness – drag the menu from the top of the screen before logging in and reduce the brightness to help little eyes.

Volume – use the buttons on the side of the device to make the volume level acceptable.

How to setup the Kids kindle fire tablet

How to hide / remove multiple profiles from the login screen

I hide the other kids profiles so they don’t go into each others profiles and have access to content that was not selected for their age. It also prevents the child from downloading apps across many profiles.

Settings – profiles & family library – select the profile to hide – untick “show profile on lock screen” – confirm to hide profile on lock screen

Delete / block apps

Sometimes certain apps can be frustrating or even inappropriate to your parenting style. I remove these from the profiles.

Settings – profiles & family library – select profile to remove from – remove content – remove unwanted freetime unlimited items – browse or search – type name – click block these titles

Too advanced items in the app / video selections?

One of the things that I got a bit frustrated by was the availability of things per age group. I highly recommend that parents setup their kids tablets so that they can see what is being shown. For my 7 year old I was not happy with the content shown for his age. I think most of the things selected are popular in America but as we are in another country it isn’t much a big deal to him. I turned down the age setting to 5 for content I was happier with. Change the smart filter until you are happy.

How to change your smart filter.

Settings – profiles & family library – select profile – smart filters – dial down the age until you are happy.

Add Apps, books and videos from your amazon shop purchases.

The app store on amazon has a few educational apps that I have purchased for learning such as teach your monster to read so I have shared them with the kids profiles in order to give them access.

Settings -profiles & family library – select profile – add content – then select the app, books or other items to share.

In the kids profile you will now find this app available to download under the sections when your browse for new apps or books.

How to disable the kids camera and photo gallery.

Tons of photos from the camera can be a real drag on the small memory space of the tablet, especially if you opted for the smaller size or don’t have an extra storage card just yet.

Settings -profiles & family library – select profile – camera settings -> enable camera & photo gallery. Untick this option. Also make sure the option just under it labeled auto-save setting for photos and videos is all UN-ticked to keep the items from uploading to your amazon prime photo storage online.

How to get ride of the millions of photos the kids take!

Download the app “es file explorer” from the app store to remove all those unwanted images! (see my video above for the detailed how, just a little over 17 min in)

Maintenance on your kids kindle fire

1. Archive unused content -> settings – storage – archive now

2. Remove unwanted photos  ->Use your trusty es file explorer app to move all those images!

When all else fails and your tablet is just full of apps and photos try a factory reset of the tablet. Found under settings – device options – reset to factory defaults. Choose not to backup and not restore anything and your tablet will be clean.

A word of warning though, make sure you know the password to your amazon account 100%. I have signed in under what I thought was my current password when it was not and I had no access to anything prime to watch, because it wasn’t my main account. It made a ghost account instead because the password was wrong. It is definitely a flaw amazon need to fix.

Also for the record these tablets come with a years worth of freetime and it is about $7 a month after that time is up. See the info here on freetime.

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Counting with Gingerbread Men

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Welcome to another week of themed activities from the virtual book club! This weeks theme is gingerbread men and our book we are reading is The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth. 

I have in the past made some cute counting cards with bugs on them so I thought I would re-use these and upgrade them to even cuter gingerbread men for the season.

Gingerbread Man Counting Cards

The cards needed a something extra to make the activity interactive, so I added some sparkly pom poms. The pom poms are small enough to fill the cards so they were perfect to use.Color Sort On Gingerbread Man Cards

We laid out the cards by counting the gingerbread men and matching them to the numbers. Then the pom poms were added to each card. Other than counting, adding this to our activity was a great encouragement of fine motor skills!

We also added different colors per card. Color recognition!

Fine Motor Skills With Gingerbread Counting Cards

Grab the printable here. I’ve printed mine on cardstock and laminating is good idea for long time use.Festive Pom Poms

So much fun! Be sure to check the bottom of this post for more gingerbread man activities for the group!Counting With Gingerbread Men

virtual book club for kids

Join our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group 

You are invited to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about the weeks theme.  Featured below are many ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.

This week our Virtual Book Club for Kids co-hosts have also been creating gingerbread boy themed activities to share with you! Click on the links below to see what they shared!


Name Activities

Color Activities
Movement Activities
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25 Printable Christmas Activities

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My kids love it when we do christmas crafts, activities and well anything seasonally themed! This year I have created 25 Printable Christmas Activities for them to do. It’s like a new adventure everyday!

I am offering this printable pack for sale now too!

25 Printable Christmas Activities Kids Christmas Activity Book


25 Printable Christmas Activities

So what is in the pack? Take a look below at the all the activities I have included. I think I got a little something of interest for each kid. These are mainly aimed at preschoolers but toddlers could definitely do some these, especially the play dough mats and dot a dot pages. My 2 year old loves them!

  1. Countdown with Santa! (25 and 45 day versions)
  2. Patterning
  3. Coloring
  4. Connect the dot
  5. Match the color trees
  6. Count me pages
  7. I spy
  8. Decorate the tree (playdough mats)
  9. Find the words on the tree
  10. Spot the difference
  11. Mazes
  12. Dot the Dot
  13. Match up the item
  14. Trace the line
  15. Number puzzles
  16. Spinner games + spinner
  17. Do I belong
  18. Cut the line
  19. Bingo set
  20. Count pom poms on the tree
  21. Upper and lowercase abc match
  22. Fine motor Pom pom tree
  23. Match up and memory game
  24. Graphing sheet + cube
  25. Complete the drawing

Grab “25 Printable Christmas Activities” ebook pack in the next 3 days and get my ebook “25 Christmas Busy Bag Ideas” as a bonus! Limited time offer.

Buy Get Free


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Easy Christmas Activity Countdown Calendar

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We all know what a huge fan I am of easy to do activities and making a Christmas countdown activity calendar is no exception. This countdown is a print and go quick 10 minute job.

There are 2 options here. First I made a calendar for the adults so that we know which day is coming up, this can also be used as is if you are not making the paper chains.

The 2nd is the paper chains. Once printed its a quick staple (or tape) to construct. We have ours hanging on the kids bedroom door.

Easy Activities For Kids Christmas Countdown Advent

There are 24 do-able activities on this calendar. All of them can be done at home.Chain Countdown For Kids

The paper chains easily come apart and have extra white space on the edges so that if they tear you can still read the text.Make A Paper Chain

How to make the Christmas Activity Countdown Calendar

Download the Easy Christmas Activity Countdown Calendar here.

Print the color paper pages on card stock, turn them around and then print the activities out on the back. Cut them out, sort by date, and staple them together to make a paper chain.

The activities count down from 24 to 1. So 24 will be the first number that is used / removed from the countdown calendar. The printable calendar however is dated as the calendar month of December so on 1st Dec you will start and end on 24 Dec.Easy Paper Chaint Christmas Activity Countdown

Have fun! I would love to see your activities do pop on over to my activities group on facebook and share!

I am also sharing my activities everyday on Instagram. Be sure to follow.Christmas Activity Countdown Calendar

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Printable Christmas Tree Advent Calendar for Kids

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I love making DIY Advent calendars every year for the kids. These the kids can make themselves by either painting or coloring in the trees.

printable advent calendar

Supplies for Christmas Tree Advent Calendar:

  • Glitter glue
  • Paint or markers
  • Star stickers
  • Glue stick

kid made advent calendar idea

Print out the templates on card stock paper. (at the bottom of this post)

Color in the template with either water colors or crayons. Add optional glitter.

The templates have their own stars with stems which can stick in the top of these cones but I preferred to use stick on glitter stars.diy advent calendar

Once your art work is dry glue along the folds as out lined. Add the items inside your count down cones and seal up the bottom.

Tip: if your items are heavy you might want to add a small bit of tape to keep them from falling out.chocolate and toy advent calendar

Display your pretty Christmas Tree Advent Calendar on a shelf or place on a tray for easy transport.

I had mine on a tray on a high shelf so the kids would not help themselves.christmas advent calendar idea

Download template 1 and template 2.

I love making new calendars every year!

Check out last years one here.christmas tree advent calendar-for-kids

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How to Teach the Meaning of the Season

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Christmas is one of the most exciting times of year, especially for children! There’s the build up to Christmas Day, the food, family buzz and bustle as everyone visits and brings meals and presents, spends time together and enjoys being a family.

Teach The Meaning Of The Season To Kids

How to teach the meaning of the season and that giving is more important than receiving

Here are some ways to keep the meaning of the season alive, and to focus on giving this year!

Buy Books!

These books are amazing and tear-jerking; take a look at them if you’re looking to buy some special books that teach children about giving and generosity in the most beautiful ways:

My friend Fred – a story about sharing friends in friendship.

The Giving Tree – a sweet story about generosity and sacrifice.

Boxes For Katie – a touching story about giving to those less fortunate.

The Giving Book – a fun book with learning activities, encouraging kids to give back to the world.

Silver Packages – a story about repaying back kindness with kindness.

The Spiffiest Giant In Town – a story about giving and remembering that it’s who you are inside that counts most!

Follow Iceland’s Tradition Of Giving

In Iceland, there’s a tradition where people buy other peoples books for Christmas, give them to each other on Christmas eve, and spend the evening reading. It’s such a popular tradition that they have a ‘Jolabokaflod’ or ‘Christmas book flood’ and huge amounts of books are bought between September and December in anticipation for Christmas eve. This awesome tradition has it’s benefits – it’s said that 1 in 10 Icelanders will publish a book in their lifetime!

Buy or make gifts for others, and include your kids in the choosing

  1. Plan, shop for and wrap siblings gifts with each child, and discuss how you think they will feel when they receive it.
  2. Bake or cook something delicious and give it to a neighbor or friend who would love it, or who is lonely this Christmas.

Ways You Can Give In The Festive Season:

  1. Purposefully – with intent, because you know someone you love will appreciate this gift.
  2. Secretly – because giving someone a surprise gift gives them great joy, and you too.
  3. Cheerfully – with good intent and a loving heart.
  4. Generously – because showing people we love them flows from our hearts and we can spend a little extra lavishing them with things they’d love!
  5. Regularly – giving doesn’t have to be limited just to the festive season; make it a habit.

Ways You Can Discuss Giving With Your Child

  1. While you are cooking, include them and cook for someone else.
  2. Encourage  your child to make some beautiful art for someone who is stuck indoors.
  3. Give as a family to a sponsorship program and sponsor a child or family in need.
  4. Discuss what items of clothing or toys your child would like to give to other kids in need.

Questions You Can Ask Your Child About Giving

  1. How did it feel to give?
  2. Would you like to give again?
  3. What would  you give next time and to whom?
  4. Has anyone ever given you anything as a surprise, and how did it make you feel?

Giving is a huge part of the festive season, but as a child the most exciting part is the receiving, which is natural. However, it’s important to teach them that giving is just as important, and that it’s special to take other people’s feelings and needs into consideration in everyday life, especially in this season. A lesson in EQ, if you will..

How do you teach your children about giving in the festive season? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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Cloud Dough Construction Site Sensory Bin

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This weeks virtual book club features a favorite of my 2 year old, Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. We were due for a bit of sensory play this week so I thought what a better theme to do it with!

First up I made some chocolate cloud dough, added some logs and a new set of construction vehicles as a treat. The Cloud Dough Construction Site Sensory Bin was a huge hit with the kids!

Remember to check the bottom of this post for more ideas to do with the construction theme.

Cinnamon Sticks For Logs

How to make chocolate cloud dough:

This one took a bit of thinking! I was going to use the brown coloring but I simply did not have enough! So if you do have enough brown coloring use this recipe for brown cloud dough.

For chocolate cloud dough you will need:

  • 3 cups flour (normal white flour)
  • 1 cup cocoa
  • 1/2 vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, a mix)
  • Ziplock bag

Add the flour and cocoa into the ziplock and give it a good mixing. Add your vegetable oil to the flour mix and squeeze the air out of the ziplock as you close it.

Mix the flour/cocoa and oil until it seems well mixed. Pour this mixture out into your sensory bin and give it a bit more mixing if needed.Pair your kids favorite book Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site with a sensory activity! Make chocolate cloud dough and play construction!

Add cinnamon logs to your sensory bin. These logs can be used as building tools.

Add the construction vehicle set to the sensory bin.

Read the book with the kids before showing them the sensory bin. If they can see you set it up best read then setup. 🙂Good Night Construction Site Sensory Bin

Since our ground is made from cloud dough the dough is easily molded into “rocks” and other structures. The cinnamon logs can be stacked up to build buildings.Chocolate Cloud Dough Recipe

The cloud dough keeps for weeks and I have already thought of another sensory bin we can do with this specific color. We will also redo this sensory bin again as the kids really enjoyed it.

By the way this cloud dough sensory bin smells SO nice!Chocolate Cloud Dough Sensory Bin Idea

virtual book club for kids

Join our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group 

You are invited to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about the weeks theme.  Featured below are many ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.


Alphabet Activities
Goodnight Construction Site ABC Dig and Construct- Growing Book by Book
Construction Themed Letter Crafts – Books and Giggles

Name Activities
Construction Truck STEM: Building Beams – Preschool Powol Packets

Counting Activities
Sensory Activities
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Kid & Parent Recommended Gift Guide – Activities, Books & Toys that Kids Love

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A few weeks ago I asked readers to give me 3 items that their kids are currently loving to bits. I always love reading lists like this because I find new and interesting things and I sure have added a few to my wish list.

Without further waiting lets dive right in!

kids books


  1. Trashy Town
  2. Are You a Cow?
  3. Pete the Cat
  4. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
  5. The Pout-Pout Fish
  6. Goodnight Moon
  7. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  8. Charley Harper’s Count the Birds
  9. Click, Clack Peep!
  10. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
  11. Little Blue Truck
  12. Andy Alligator
  13. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
  14. Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!
  15. Llama Lama 5-Book Pack
  16. Nibbles
  17. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

See my TOP 10 Books for kids under 3 here!

kids puzzles


  1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Peg Puzzles Set – Farm, Safari, and Vehicles
  2. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
  3. Wooden Puzzle Game Set
  4. Wooden Pattern Blocks
  5. Alphabet Sound Puzzle
  6. Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle
  7. Latches Wooden Activity Board

See more PUZZLES for under 3 year olds here!

kids toys


  1. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
  2. Take Along Tunes Musical Toy
  3. baby doll
  4. Happy Villa Doll House
  5. Wooden Train Set
  6. Walk-A-Long Puppy
  7. Tea set
  8. Nesting and Stacking Blocks
  9. Hide N Squeak Eggs
  10. KidKraft Red Vintage Kitchen
  11. Bunny Peek a Boo
  12. Checkout Register Wooden Play Set
  13. Little Tikes Shopping Cart
  14. Finger Puppets
  15. KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse
  16. A-Maze Loopty Loo
  17. Discover and Play Piano

See more TOY IDEAS!


games and learning manipulatives

Games & Learning items:

  1. Chutes and Ladders Game
  2. Feed the Woozle
  3. Beginning Stacking & Sorting Pegboard
  4. Gears! Gears! Gears!
  5. Magformers
  6. Three Bear Family Counter Set
  7. Math link Cubes
  8. Fine Motor Tool Set
  9. 50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups
  10. Pattern Blocks and Boards
  11. Color Mixing Paddles
  12. Basic Life Skills Learn to Dress Boards
  13. Super Sorting Pie
  14. Do A Dot

Kids activities

Favorite Activities:

  1. Scissor Skills Activity Book
  2. Reveal Coloring Books
  3. Water Wow! Activity Book
  4. Cutting and Pasting
  5. Draw + Learn: Faces
  6. Butterfly Garden Gift Set
  7. Play-Doh Fun Factory

super fun items for kids

Super Fun Items:

  1. kids fire tablet
  2. High Back Toddler Swing
  3. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline
  4. Dome Tent for Indoor / Outdoor Fun
  5. My Pal Violet
  6. Covered Convertible Sandbox
  7. Bubble Tornado
  8. Superhero Costumes

kids lego recommended

LEGO wants:

See the Main LEGO category or LEGO Junior category which is a great place to find things for the in-between duplo and LEGO set builders.

  1. Creative Brick Box
  2. Lakeside Lodge
  3. City Demolition Bulldozer
  4. Police Station
  5. Fire Station
  6. Juniors Fire Suitcase
  7. Learning with Lego®

Duplo wants:

Browse the Main Duplo category.

  1. Backhoe Loader Building Kit
  2. My First Cars and Trucks
  3. My First Rocket
  4. Number Train

Kid Parent Recommended Gift Guide

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Top 10 Christmas Cutting Skills Ideas for Kids

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Cutting skills as part of fine motor skills, are extremely important for young children to develop.

Learning how to use scissors plays an important role in developing the fine motor skills young children need in order to hold pencils and crayons.”  – Vanessa (Pre-K Pages)

There are lots of different ways to practice cutting skills, but making it fun is key. Use a theme and you will instantly have the children’s interest.

Christmas Cutting Skills Ideas for Kids

Here are the top 10 Christmas themed cutting skills activities:

Draw up Christmas trees and let the kids cut it out to make their own pictures.
Christmas cutting tray for preschoolers is a good invitation to cut idea and open-ended too!
Kid-made sparkly ornaments are great to make AND it can be used to bring some sparkle to your tree.
Cutting Christmas shapes is fun too. Use it for making personal Christmas cards, clever!
Recycle cards and cut it up like puzzles, great use for old cards and a frugal way to make puzzles.

Practice cutting skills while making kid-made gift tags, perfect for friends or family gifts!

Make this Snowman or Snowflake angels  and work on cutting skills while making a cute craft.

This straw Christmas tree is another fun idea using straws. Or, make a pop-up card that looks like a Christmas tree when opened up, lovely!
Using themed ideas like these are fun and the children don’t even realize they are practicing their cutting skills, win!

10 Christmas Cutting Skills

More Holiday ideas!

  1. Top 10 Nutcracker Party Foods from Sugar, Spice & Glitter
  2. Top 10 Homemade Christmas Cards Kids Can Make from My Joy-Filled Life
  3. Top 10 Christmas Busy Bag Ideas from School Time Snippets
  4. Top 10 Christmas Math Activities from Play & Learn Every Day
  5. Top 10 Kid Made Treats for Christmas from Crafty Mama in ME
  6. Top 10 Christmas Crafts for Siblings from Crafty Kids at Home
  7. Top 10 Candy Cane Science Experiments and Activities from Preschool Powol Packets
  8. 10 Nativity Crafts and Activities for Children from Something 2 Offer
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20+ Write My Name Activities

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When your child is at that age where they are learning to write their names, it’s very exciting for them and for you as the proud parent! Take a look at these fun, creative activities to help your child learn to write their name!

Get a personalized name tracing worksheet with your child’s name on it, and let them practice writing their name. Great on paper or laminated for reuse!

my name printable

Your child can learn to write their name by sliding their finger over this glitter glue name card. It’s a fun activity they can paint over, and they will learn as they watch you write their name with glitter glue.

These Say it, Make it, Write it mats are a clever way to help your child learn to write their name, as well as make the name with plastic letters, playdough or whatever other crafty materials you have available!

This hands-on, name recognition beads activity helps your child to recognize and create their name using beads and squeeze glue! This is a really fun activity where your child can write each letter of their name using beads! Have fun while learning to write a name!

Use an alphabet ice tray and glitter glue to make your child’s name in ice, and then have some art and science fun watching the name melt while painting.

Create letter roads for your child’s toy cars, and let him practice writing his name on the road-letters! A clever and quick activity that will keep kids entertained for a while!

Make this clever game at home, and let your kids spell their names with this name-spelling game using pompoms and a letter-dice. A creative way to recognize and learn letters and your child’s name.

Your child can see their name in the night sky with this clever activity using white crayon and black paint. Make their name magically appear and have creative fun at the same time.

20 Write My Name Activities

Your child can have fun learning through science, art, co-ordination, concentration and literacy when writing their name with salt, glue & watercolor!

Make a name book at home with your child in Preschool or Kindergarten, and let them learn about each letter of their name!

Your child can create their name with these adorable free printable ice cream letters, and make their own ice cream cone names! Great for practicing letter recognition too!

Make these sensory scratch and sniff names using gelatin and glue, while your child learns how to spell their name, letter recognition, formation and all about absorption.

Here are 10 ways to help your child learn to spell their name, using tactile fun tools like pegs, scrabble letters, puzzle paper letters, letter apples and many more!

Print this rainbow paper and make a rainbow name puzzle using the letters of your child’s name. This is a fun way to match letters in the right order, as well as colors!

Make these letter snowmen and help your child spell their name while building a snowman and decorating it! Your kids can compare their names, find common letters and compare lengths of names. A great activity for letter identification.

Get this free printable and create this super fun name search activity. Your child can search for his name in the page of letters and mark it with a dot marker.

Make some beautiful bling names with sparkly craft sequins and glue, and have loads of creative fun learning!

Your child can make their own caterpillar name with this free printable craft. Each caterpillar bump is a letter, help your child recognize the letters in their name and piece them together correctly!

Take a look at these 5 clever ways to spell your child’s name using playdough, and have endless fun while learning! From mazes to straw dots to playdough letters, your child will have fun being creative while learning to spell their name!

Get out the glue and pompoms, and let your child create their name while making a name collage full of colors, while learning name and letter recognition and hand-eye co-ordination.

Take your pic of creative, simple and fun name activities helping your child to learn to spell their name. Use dot painting, a light table, sponge painting and much more.

20 Write My Name Activities For Kids

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Dinosaur Shape Matching Game

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Merge a love for dinosaurs with shape learning!

This week is Dinosaur Week! We are featuring Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems! Find more dinosaur activities after this post too.

Dinosaur Printable Game

Print and cut out the puzzles for your activity. Mix them up on the table and have the children search out matching pairs.Printable Game For Kids

My 4 year old loves these puzzles and my 2 year old was interested in them but we haven’t started shapes with her yet.

Download the template hereDino Shape Game

Looking for more Dinosaur themed activities?

virtual book club for kids

Join our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group 

You are invited to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about the weeks theme.  Featured below are many ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.

There are so many additional fun DINOSAUR WEEK themed crafts and activities shared by our Dinosaur Week group. Check out the activities below to get you started…

Alphabet Activities
Dino Babies Letter Game – Rainy Day Mum

Number Activities
Dinosaur Number Maze – Inspiration Laboratories
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs Jacks Game- Sugar Aunts
Clothespin Dinosaur Counting Tray
Dinosaur Eggs Preschool Math Printables- Chickadee Lit

Sensory Activities
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs Play Dough Mats

Cooking Activities
How to Make Chocolate Dinosaurs – Mama Smiles

Science Activities
Rocks & Fossils Experiment- Teach Beside Me

Pre-writing Activities
Dinosaur Pre-Writing Tracing Pages – Sea of Knowledge

Movement Activities
Roll A Dinosaur Movement Game – To be a Kid Again

Shape Activities
Dinosaur Shape Matching Game – Powerful Mothering
Build A Shape Dinosaur – Adventures of Adam

If you have any other favorite dinosaur crafts or activities, please share them in the comments!

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30 Games, Activities and Printables to Teach Emotions to Young Kids

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Emotions are a tricky thing for young children and toddlers. They’re overwhelming and hard to understand. Playing emotion games with your little one will help them learn, through play, about how they are feeling, be able to give the feeling a name and learn how to practice responding to those emotions.

30 Games And Activities To Teach Emotions

Take a look at these excellent emotion games you can play with your child:

Your child can learn about emotions by building Emotion lego characters, and drawing their expressions on with dry erase pens.

Help your child learn that even the big emotions are helpful, with this creative emotions wheel. They’ll be able to choose which emotion they’re feeling, and discuss it with leading questions, with this free printable.

Your child can learn to name big emotions with these printable emotions cards. You can also play memory game with these beautiful cards!

Help your child identify big emotions, and learn through singing songs about emotions! A great way to help them learn to lead you in a song too!

These story stones are a very creative way for your child to create the type of emotion they are feeling, by making a face with stones.

Use plastic eggs to create super cute emotion characters with different emotions drawn on, and play emotion games with your kids to help them learn to identify and name their emotions!

This free printable is great for kids to use daily – stick up your current emotion on this lego man printable, and complete the “Today I feel…” image.

Teach your child about their different emotions with a stunning personalized emotions game which uses pictures of themselves showing different emotions.

These stress ball balloons are a fun activity for your child to make themselves, and are great for learning emotions as well as giving finger muscles a good workout!

These 12 emotions flash cards are beautifully designed and are a creative way to teach your child about their emotions. Print them for free!

Teach your child to create their emotions using a create-a-face activity. It’s a beautiful hands-on activity where your child can build their own faces and discuss the emotion attached to it!

Help your child explore their feelings through color, by using this My Many Colored Feelings activity. It is a great way to get your child to differentiate between different emotions using color.

Your child can learn to understand their different emotions by reading My Many Colored Days by Dr Seuss, and creating their own colorful characters, which they can discuss with you. A cute, creative way to color code emotions.

30 Games Activities Printables To Teach Emotions

Have lots of creative fun making funny stone rock faces, and mix and match different facial features to create emotions, which you can discuss!

Set up a Feelings Center in your home or classroom, and create a safe, creative space where your child can read about and express their emotions.

Get creative and make some cute Emotions Discovery Bottles, where each bottle is a different color and has a different emotional expression on it. Very cute and a great way to discuss emotions with your child.

Use your child’s love of LEGO’s and build a LEGO emotions station, where you can build different faces showing different emotions. This is a great way to open discussions about emotions with your child!

These feelings action cards are an awesome way to get your child moving while expressing emotions. Check out the clever cubes you can make and use them as a game to discuss different emotions!

Use paper plates creatively and make some paper plate emotion masks with your child. This is a fun way to change emotions and discuss them!

Make some emotion faces with doodle rubbings, and get creative with some cardboard and colors while discussing your child’s emotions!

Your child can make their own Pout Pout Fish while reading along with the book. A great creative activity full of thyme, humor and paint!

Identify emotions with self portraits and discuss what your child feels and sees while looking in the mirror at their reflection and expressions!

Take a look at these 5 activities to help kids develop emotional sensitivity – from making a face with felt, discussing emotions and imagining different scenarios; there are a lot of ways to teach your child about emotions!

Make a paper plate feelings spinner, and help your child learn about identifying and naming feelings while having loads of fun!

This toy emotion learning station is a great way to change facial expressions on a face with movable parts, while discussing different emotions and feelings!

Practice matching emotions labels to feelings faces with this cute activity!

Your toddler can explore colors and emotions with this cute toddler emotion stickers activity!

This free emotions emergent reader is great for those children learning to read and identify letters and words. A great book along with picture cards to help your child learn to read about emotions.

Enjoy working through this free printable Monstrous Emotions pack and learn about different facial expressions, while having some coloring fun.

Learn about emotions with this fantastic Emotional Robot 10 page printable pack, and watch your child learn about emotions with this coloring and paper craft adventure!

Book Reading List:

30 Games To Teach Emotions


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DIY Christmas Stockings – No Sew

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Making our own Christmas stockings has really been fun and the kids love pulling out their special stockings when we set up the tree.

These stockings are easy to make! Let me show you how 😉

Diy Christmas Stocking Collection Easy To Make No Sew

Supplies for making DIY Christmas Stockings:

First you need to decide what size your stocking is going to be then make it a bit bigger to allow for the seams you will be glueing. Cut it in a boot shape.

Cut Out A Boot Shape

Hot glue the stocking together section by section because hot glue gets cold very fast so it is better to do a bit at a time.Hot Glue Along The Edges

Make all your stockings you aim to make and turn them the right way around when the glue is set.Make Your Collection Colorful

Now there are a few trimmings you can add to these stockings. First is the white rimed stocking. Turn your stocking inside out. Cut a a strip of white felt for the trimming, bigger then the circumference of the stocking. Hot glue it at the top seam all around. Trim the excess white felt and then hot glue it down the side over lapping the two edges. A Ring Of White Fluff

(I took these after decorating to better demonstrate)

As shown in the image below you can see the seam of the joining.Hot Glue Seam On Felt Stockin

Turn your stocking the right way around and add the hanging tag. It is simply a thin band of felt folded in on itself and hot glued down.Add Tag For Hangin

Press the seams down to make it stay neat. I run my hands over them a few times and it seems to do the trick.Fold Over The White Lining On Felt Stockin

Now for the decorating! For the names on the stockings open a word document of any other program that allows you to type and print from. Select a bold font such as impact and type in caps the name for your stocking. Make sure to fill the page with the font size!

I use a glue stick to temporarily hold the paper to the felt while I cut so it doesn’t slide around.
Print Out The Same In Bold Font For Your Stockin

Hot glue the name to your stocking once you have positioned it in a place you like.Admire Handy Work

Decorating the stocking is totally up to you! On the red stocking I made a snowman. I free hand cut the 2 circles for the body and a hat. The snow is white pom poms and the accessories are bits of various felt. The eyes are googly eyes. These are all hot glued down.

(We had a littler of kittens that year, the poor tree)Kids Love These Personalized Stockings

I have shared my templates for the other stockings which I made to cut them out myself. They exclude the snowman which I free hand cut.

Download the templates here.

A closer look at the DIY Christmas Stockings

I have posted a picture of each stocking below and made any extra comments on how it was made.Diy Snowman Christmas Stockin

The red stocking was the only stocking that I made a broad white trimming on. It really suited that color.Diy Star Christmas Stockin

For this blue stocking I used the star template provided. The top of this stocking is turned over an inch on the inside and hot glued down to provide a nice edge. The tab to hang from is attached the same as the red stocking and the rest of the stockings.Diy Cat Christmas Stockin

My 4 year old is a cat fan so I made a lovey cat related stocking for her. I cut half a Christmas tree and added a sparkly pom pom on top for the star and decorated with small shiny beads. The cat is in the template files with the hat. The pink yarn ball is simple a length of yarn done round and around to resemble a ball of yarn. This was all glued down with hot glue.

TIP: Use toothpicks when working with fine items and hot glue. Burning our fingers on that glue gun is not pretty. My glue gun has a low setting setting but its still hot!Diy Gingerbread Man Christmas Stockin

The purple stocking has a band of white felt around it with random bumps. I did these myself by wiggling the scissors when cutting. 😉 Once again hot glued down and the edge at the top was turned over. The little gingerbread girl was decorated with a loop of sequins and given sparkly pom pom buttons and googly eyes plus a ribbon on her head.Diy Beaded Tree Christmas Stockin

Mom needs a stocking too right? I couldn’t decide on a color for myself but I knew I wanted this tree on it. What better way to show off the tree than to add it on a grey backing. The tree template is in the files. I simply cut along the lines of the tree template and separated them.

The beads were a bit of a mission until i found that adding the drop of hot glue to the tree then using a toothpick to attach the bead worked out perfectly. The star can be also found in the template file it’s the smallest one.Diy Reindeer Christmas Stockin

Dad’s stocking took a lot of thought and I eventually settled for a reindeer type figure with white poms poms for snow.


DIY Christmas Stockings No Sew great for personalization!

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My Emotions with LEGO

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Sometimes kids have trouble expressing their emotions which in my house leads to frustration and often screaming at their siblings.

After a bit of research on the internet I came to a general overview that other than having them stop and talk, playing games with that include emotions in them is a great way to encourage the learning of emotions as well as expressing them via play.

In this activity I have used LEGO, which is a favorite of my son, to get him into playing an emotion game with me.

Draw Your Emotions For Preschoolers

Build LEGO men / woman. They need to be large enough for drawing on. Grab a dry erase pen for drawing with. These wipe away easily.Exploring Emotions With Lego

Our guys even had space to draw clothing on them. Wipe the emotion faces off with the dry erase provided eraser or a dry cloth.How Do I Feel Today

See how many emotions you can come up with!Lego Games

Draw an emotion on your LEGO man and ask the child to identify it and act it / pull a face.Little Kids Express Emotions In Games

This game was great fun and we learnt a bit more about our emotions while playing it!Role Play Emotions

I have way to many pictures to show off. 🙂 But the faces are just worth it.Teach Emotions To Preschoolers

We made 2 LEGO men and role played with them too.Easy Lego Activity To Teach Emotions

This activity is one of the over 100 ideas in my new book Learning with LEGO. Check it out here and get your copy today.

I would love for you to join me in the Learning with LEGO facebook group!

lego book

My Emotions With Lego

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Owl Puppets

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This weeks featured book for the virtual book club is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. I thought making a set of puppets for our story retelling would be an awesome idea and since my kids love to stick things into glue it was a win win.

My 4 year old and 2 year old did this activity. My 2 year old loves stick puppets and my 4 year old just adores story retellings!

Little Owls Craft

Gather your materials for making owl babies!

Creating Owl Puppets For Story Telling

Paste your ovals onto the craft sticks and cover the oval lightly in glue.

Stick feathers onto the body of the owl (the oval)
Owl Puppet Craft

Once all the feathers are on add extra glue for the eyes and beak.

Leave your owls to dry overnight or put them in the sun to dry faster! Ours was dry within 2 hours in the direct sun. (We  live on the equator so the direct sun is always hot)
Owl Babies By Martin Waddell

Grab your dry owls for story retelling! Doesn’t this little guy just look so cute!Little Owl Puppet

Such fun with these owl stick puppets! I was really pleased with the result. The book reading fun as each owl has a line and the puppets could “speak” those as we retold the story.Story Puppets For Kids

Mommy owl is back!!

I think we just might build a nest for this activity too.
Stick Puppet Toddler Preschool

Looking for more owl themed activities?

virtual book club for kids

Join our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group 

You are invited to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about the weeks theme.  Featured below are many ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.

Retelling A Story With Owl Puppets


  1. Letter – Roll & Color – Owl Themed Sea of Knowledge
  2. Whooo are you? Writing Activity -CraftCreateCalm
  3. Owl Babies Counting Activity – Clare’s Little Tots
  4. Owl’s Day Ordering Activity – My Storytime Corner
  5. Owl Counting Playdough Mats – Preschool Powol Packets
  6. Owl Babies Sponge Painting – Adventures of Adam
  7. Owl Eyesight STEM Exploration for Kids
  8. Build a Nest STEM Activity for Kids – Views From a Step Stool
  9. Feathery Owls Color Matching Activity – To be a Kid Again
  10. Help the owls find their nests – Mama Smiles
  11. Pre-writing Craft for Kids: Scratch Art Owl- School Time Snippets
  12. Movement Tricks to Help with Separation Anxiety in Preschool
  13. Owl Babies Shape Activity for Preschoolers – Rainy Day Mum

Owl Puppets For Story Retelling


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LEGO Christmas Tree Fine Motor Activity

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Fine motor skills are always present when LEGO is involved. Today we did a cute little activity with our LEGO and decorated a tree!

It is easy to set up and has many opportunities to alter. For example duplo bricks would work just as well.

Easy Fine Motor Idea

To set up you will need:

a baseplate. We originally made this activity on a green baseplate, it was easy to see the tree for us because of the raised dimension but the images I took to share same out flat and I couldn’t show off the tree. This had me thinking of kids and how they see things. Some kids might have trouble with the green on green so if you can choose a different color baseplate than green if you have.

a bunch of green bricks. Here we used 2 shades of green

Yellow and other color 2×2 bricks or 1×1 bricks to represent the lights and baubles on your tree

4 x 1×2 yellow bricks to make a star

2 brown 2×8 bricks for the truck of the tree

Build your tree by staggering the bricks from the bottom up, building off the brown base.

Place your star at the top of the tree and continue to randomly decorate with the other bricks. There is no right way to decorate. Kids use their imaginations and thats an awesome thing!Lego Christmas Tree Activity

These LEGO Christmas trees are great to display after they are complete too!Decorate A Lego Christmas Tree

The 2×2 bricks make a great entry size and even my 2 year old is able to grasp them to decorate with. Use 1×1 bricks or even tiny studs for a more intricate fine motor exercise for older kids.Stars And Baubles Lego

Mixing and matching the sizes is also an option!Fine Motor Skills With Lego

For more fine motor ideas check out our fine motor archives as well as both my fine motor books in the shop. If you are looking for more LEGO related ideas check here and I also have an awesome book out that encourages learning with LEGO.

More ideas from my fine motor co-hosts below!

Fine Motor Lego Christmas Tree

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Learning Ideas for a Jumbo Magnifier

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Children are naturally curious about the effect of a magnifying glass. Use jumbo magnifying glasses as seen in these activities and your kids will love learning!

Learning Ideas for a Jumbo Magnifier

Print our these I spy alphabet findalphabet detective and miniature letter find activities and work on letter recognition in a fun way!

Or, use a newspaper to find certain letters, numbers or even symbols!

Hunt for sight words with this free printable or let your preschooler hunt for colors. A super fun way to work on color recognition! This color matching activity is another good idea!

Learn about snowflakes with snowflake matching and match pictures, perfect for developing visual perceptual skills.

Set up a bug bin, with all kinds of creepy crawlies, spaghetti grass and magnifying glasses for fun sensory play.

Grab a single Jumbo Magnifier here.

Single Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifying Glass For Kids

Water beads are interesting to play with. Watch them grow with this water bead science activity.

Observing science, a hands-on way to explore anything and everything using magnifying glasses, like butterflies and flowers.

This frog life cycle and inspecting pond water activities will sure be a hit with your little explorers or make them their own nature exploration kit.

Exploring vegetables or seeds are good activities to use familiar items to inspect.

Have a budding astronaut in your house? They will love this astronaut glove box idea!

Lastly, go on a rock hunt and bring it back home to inspect and discover rock science.

All super fun activities using a magnifying glass. Which activity will your kids love?

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Discover My Name in the Night Sky

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This weeks virtual book club is all about the night. We did a super easy activity and discovered our name while adding a bit of painting.

As always check the bottom of this post for more themed ideas for the night. This weeks featured book is Time for Bed.


This activity uses the process of crayon resist art.

Items you will need:

Draw on the white paper with your white wax crayon the images that you wish to show up.

I added a name, small stars and a crescent moon. These items are hard to see on the paper. I recommend drawing near a window so you can get better light to see what you have drawn.find-my-name-in-the-night-sky

Use your water paints in the color black to paint and reveal the name of the child! It is great fun discovering what is on the paper for the kids!

Related: Hidden Dinosaurs and Spiral Art

This activity is suited to toddlers as well as preschoolers! Crayon resist art is a ton of fun!preschool-and-toddler-reading-activity

Looking for more night / book themed activities?

virtual book club for kids

Join our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group 

You are invited to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about the weeks theme.  Featured below are many ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.


Alphabet Activities
Beginning Sounds Rhyming Night Puzzles by Rainy Day Mum
Discover My Name in the Night Sky – Powerful Mothering

Number Activities
Star Counting Activity – Inspiration Laboratories

Sensory Activities
Sleepy Time Sensory Playdough Big Owl Little Owl at Witty Hoots

Cooking Activities
Farm-Animal Bedtime Snacks that Toddlers & Preschoolers Can Make — Chickadee Lit

Science Activities
Surprising Animal Sleep Facts – Mama Smiles

Color Activities
How to Make a Star Garland – The Educators’ Spin On It

Pre-Writing Activities
Starlit Night in a Cup! A Fine-Motor Craft for Kids – To be a Kid Again
Puffy Paint Night Sky – Views From a Step Stool
Star Pre-Writing Activities for Preschoolers- Toddler Approved

Movement Activities
Bedtime Relaxation Stretches-Sugar Aunts
Night Time Glow In The Dark Bowling – Adventures of Adam

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Easy to Make DIY Felt Christmas Tree Activity for Kids

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It seems that every year shops are putting out Christmas related decor earlier and earlier! This year my son was drawing Christmas trees and talking about Santa early OCTOBER!

Personally I don’t want to put the tree up too early, I have 4 kids and since they are still young the poor thing is likely to not last until the big day. This year I was admiring these DIY Felt Christmas Tree activities and thought we would make a go for it!

Felt Christmas Tree For Preschool

Grab your supplies for the DIY Felt Christmas Tree:

Step 1: Double fold the green felt and mark out a tree outline keeping the fold of the felt in the centre.
Half Fold Felt And Draw Tree

Step 2: Cut out the tree on the lines you made.Cut Out Christmas Tree

Step 3: Stick your DIY Felt Christmas Tree to the wall with the poster tape. In my case I stuck it to the giant chalk board.
Adhere Felt To Surface With Painters Tape

Step 4: Cut out various color felts in circles, triangles, candy cane, presents stars and anything else that comes to mind.
Cut Out Felt Decor

Step 5: Decorate your circles with smaller circles. my 4 year old loved creating the combinations. I used the hot glue gun on low to attach the smaller bits of felt.

We also made a stings of lights! Our angles were made by folding pink felt in half and cutting a half teardrop shape which when opened makes a heart. I then cut a smaller triangle for the body and a circle for the head. Hair and face were added with glitter glue pens.Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

Once your glitter glue accents are dry your tree is ready for play!

Step 6: Press the felt ornaments onto the felt Christmas tree. They stick to each other naturally, no need to add anything else.
Fine Motor Idea For Christmas

Store your felt ornaments in a basket of some sorts for easy access for the kids. The kids can remove and place the decorations at will.
Felt Tree Decorating Idea

The DIY felt Christmas tree was a hit!

The kids loved decorating the felt Christmas tree over and over again.Felt Christmas Tree For Kids

I think this one will be a great activity to bring out every year before it is time to put out the Christmas tree.Make Felt Christmas Tree For Toddlers

If you have trouble cutting a star, like I did! I just can’t cut stars! Grab the star template from this post to help you.

Check out these other felt Christmas trees to get ornament inspiration! DIY felt Christmas tree one and Felt Christmas Tree two.

Also Amazon sells Felt Christmas Trees if you love the idea and don’t want to make it yourself.

Easy To Make Felt Christmas Tree Activity

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I Spy Community Helpers Printable

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Community helpers are a great theme to explore with preschoolers. It lets us talk about professions and in general how our society works in every day life.

Do check the bottom of this post for more ideas and printables for community helpers.

Today I have a quick print and enjoy i spy printable on this theme!


Download the i spy printable here.

There are many ways to use an i spy printable and I list a few here on how to play.todddlers-and-preschoolers-i-spy i-spy-community-helpers

15 Community Helper Activities



  1. Community Helpers Bingo // The Letters of Literacy
  2. Community Helper Vehicles Count and Clip Cards // Modern Preschool
  3. Community Helper Pattern Block Mats // The STEM Laboratory
  4. Community Helpers Sort and Classify Mats // Fairy Poppins
  5. Community Helpers Sight Words Game // Play and Learn Every Day
  6. I Spy Community Helpers Printable // Powerful Mothering
  7. Community Helper Interactive Poem // Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station
  8. Community Helpers Counting Puzzles // The Kindergarten Connection
  9. Community Helpers Little Readers // Liz’s Early Learning Spot
  10. Community Helpers Mazes // Sara J Creations
  11. People Who Help Us Alphabet Match // Adventures of Adam
  12. Community Helper Math Games // Recipe for Teaching
  13. Community Helpers Easy Reader Freebie // The Simplified Classroom
  14. Community Helpers Write and Color the Room // A Dab of Glue Will Do
  15. Community Helper Alphabet Dab Sheets // Playdough to Plato
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How to Make a Rainbow Spider Web

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This weeks featured book is the very busy spider by Eric Carle and our theme is spider webs. I had a crazy idea that we could spin some rainbow spider webs so I gathered a few items to try.

Remember to check out the bottom of this post for more spider web activities.

rainbow yarn and book activity

Supplies needed to make a rainbow spiderweb

  • color yarn in rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple)
  • black yarn to use as the base of your spiderweb
  • white school glue (water and a bowl to mix in)
  • ziplock bag on a tray to help contain any spills

Empty a generous amount of glue  into the bowl and water down with water until glue turns liquid. It shouldn’t take that much water but your water mix should still be sticky-eish if you dip your fingers into it and press down on paper.

make glue for spider web

Cut lengths of black yarn, dip them into the watered down glue mix (fully wet) and make a circle in the middle of your (closed) ziplock bag. We are using the ziplock because it is easier to get the dried item off it! Make a few supporting lines with black yarn.build a spider web scructure

Start from the centre out with your rainbow yarn lengths. Make sure your yarns are close else they are going to come apart when you lift them when they are dry. Cut as many lengths as needed to complete. When we got the the outer colors we cut 2-4 lengths to go around.

My toddler also did this activity! She dipped the yarn and passed them to me, she had a fabulous time poking everything too. Preschoolers can totally do this one by themselves.dry spider web overnight

Place your tray on a flat area to dry overnight.

I added in a black yarn frame at the last minute so we would have something to hang it by. As we see in the book which we read for this activity (the very busy spider) the spider spins her web bit by bit on a frame as we created with this rainbow spider web!

Yes, my toddler loves this book too! 😉 It was actually read like 4 times before this activity took place. lolrainbow pattern spider web for preschoolers

Our rainbow spider web is almost ready for show! We are making a trip to the store this morning to get ourselves a spider to decorate it with 😀
spider web activity for preschoolers

Looking for more spiderweb / book themed activities?

virtual book club for kids

Join our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group 

You are invited to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about the weeks theme.  Featured below are many ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.

drying yarn rainbow spider web


Alphabet activities
Printable Spider Web Letter Match Activity – Artsy Momma
Spider Writing Tray – Adventures of Adam
Alphabet spider sticky wall- Toddler Approved

Name activities
Name Webs – Rainy Day Mum

Numbers activities
Spider Web Fingerprint Counting (FREE PRINTABLE)
Hands-on Spider Counting Activity— School Time Snippets

Sensory activities
Spider Web Sensory Bin + Counting Activity – My Storytime Corner
Spider Sensory Bin – Sugar, Spice & Glitter

Science activities
A Very Busy Climbing Spider: DIY Toy and STEM Activity
Spider Types Matching Cards – Kori at Home

Colors activities
Feed the Spider Color Catapulting – Preschool Powol Packets
How to Make a Rainbow Spider Web – Powerful Mothering

Pre-writing activities
Spider Web Sensory Bottle Activity – The Educators’ Spin On It

Movement activities
Spider Web Obstacle Course – Mama Smiles

Shape activities
Creepy-Crawly Pattern Block Mats and 12 Spider Books for Kids—Chickadee Lit
Spider Shape Craft
Spider Counting Puzzles – Sea of Knowledge

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LEGO Stamping Activity

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My kids love building LEGO and I love finding new ways to use LEGO to inspire creativity and imagination. Today we did a simple activity which turned into something a little more than I intended.


Supplies for LEGO stamping

First up make some shapes with your bricks to any design you like as long as the completed design fits on your ink pad. We used finger print ink pads so our area was limited to 4×4 studs.

We made various size combinations. My 7 year old also made a tiny heart stamp.stamp-various-sizes

Use different color ink stamps to create all sorts of colorful patterns.create-pictures-with-lego

I did this activity with the kids and we built towers. These came out great and I suggested to the kids that we use them as a back drop for a city scene!lego-city-scene-backdrop

I think they look great on the LEGO table!LEGO backdrop to a city with this awesome stamped tower scene

Talking of towers take a look at what our friends at Mom Inspired Life shared this month, awesome LEGO Name Towers.

I would love for you to join me in the Learning with LEGO facebook group! Also check out my new book Learning with LEGO® book for more ideas and LEGO games!

lego book

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Little Blue Truck Farm Animal Story Retelling

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My almost 2 year old loves the book The little blue truck, so much so she gets all excited when I pull it out for reading. The pictures are vivid, the story line is full of moo and baa, whats not to love. That being said my 7 year old also loves the story simply because of the sticky mud situation, so I think the book translates well during the ages.

Today we did a little activity based on the book. We retold the story with our little plastic farm animals.


Now I really wish I had the little blue truck for this activity, its been sitting in my wish list forever. I think it is time to purchase it since I have 2 of the little blue truck books already!

To do this activity you will need:

TIP: No blue truck or dump truck? Make a color copy from the book on cardstock and stick it onto a popsicle stick!


That’s it! Ok, I know this is a super simple activity but it is really enjoyable and gives the little ones a new dimension to reading this book. fun-extention-for-the-book-little-blue-truck


I went to attend something in the kitchen and when came back she was still playing! SCORE!pretend-play-with-book-inspiration

Looking for more farm / book themed activities?

virtual book club for kids

Join our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook Group 

You are invited to visit our Virtual Book Club for Kids cohosts sites for additional activity ideas all about the weeks theme.  Featured below are many ideas for your preschooler ages 2-5.


Alphabet Activities
Farm Animal Beginning Sounds and Bingo Game – Rainy Day Mum
Little Blue Truck ABC Animal Pick Up-Growing Book by Book
Farm Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – Sunny Day Family

Name Activities
Spell Your Name With The Little Blue Truck – To be a Kid Again

Number Activities
Play & Count Farm Animals – My Storytime Corner
Farm Animal I SPY & Graph Printable – School Time Snippets
Number Games Based on Little Blue Truck Books

Sensory Activities
Little Blue Truck Sensory Bin – Adventures of Adam

Cooking Activities
Haystacks Snack for Kids – Views From a Step Stool
Mud Pit Chip Dip – Preschool Powol Packets

Science Activities
Little Blue Truck Magnetic Farm Activity
Farm Animal Races – Inspiration Laboratories
Color Activities
Colour Sorting with Farm Animals – Clare’s Little Tots

Pre-Writing Activities
Decorate a Farm Animal – Mama Smiles
Little Blue Truck Farm Animal Story Retelling – Powerful Mothering
Roll-a-Story Fun (Includes Character Printables)—Chickadee Lit

Movement Activities
Farm Themed Brain Breaks-Sugar Aunts
Hide & Match Farm Animal Puzzle Game- Toddler Approved


Featured Book:
The Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

Additional Books:

  1. What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson
  2. Goodnight Tractor by Michelle Robinson
  3. Maisy’s Tractor by Lucy Cousins
  4. Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown (another favorite in our house!)
  5. Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker
  6. How Big is a Pig? by Clare Beaton
  7. The Little Red Hen by Byron Barton
  8. Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton
  9. Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin
  10. Duck on a Tractor by David Shannon

Little Blue Truck Farm Animal Story Retelling

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How to Teach Letter Sounds

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I have fond memories of my grandmother teaching me my letter sounds after school when I was a youngster. Today it is my turn to teach my young children their letter sounds and it can be a bit daunting to start out with so I have compiled a how to teach list for anyone who is just starting out. I also share a bunch of resources and activities that will help you along the way.


When should one start teaching letter sounds?

You can start as young as three. You can start by singing funny songs with letter sounds in them, reading books with first words in them, and focusing on the starting sounds, and using objects in the home to practice forming different sounds correctly.

Sounds first or letters first, when learning words?

Some people believe that it is better to teach the sounds of letters, before learning how they are formed. We can do this using a phonetic alphabet. Children learn through listening to our language, and learn letters auditorily.

I think it is important to learn the uppercase names of letters first, and then refer to the sounds after that, once the sounds can ‘belong’ to a letter name. Playing games where you learn both uppercase and lowercase letters is the best way to help you child learn, as well as link the sets together. Similarly, learning the sounds, and learning the names, and linking them through fun, is a great way to familiarize a child with letter sounds and names. Learning through play is the best way to learn.

Ideas to teach letter sounds:

Look to everyday life for letter sounds. Sound the names of pets and items you come across in daily life.

Find Songs & Tv shows that teach letter sounds. We loved leapfrogs letter factory DVD!

Read books that teach letter sounds or use existing books and sound out interesting character names such as caterpillar, cat etc.

Play games to help teach letter sounds! Take a look at the awesome ideas below.


25 Ways To Teach Letter Sounds

  1.      This  Sensory ABC Activity with colored rice & mini foam alphabet puzzles is great!
  2.      Big letter & small letter stamping are a great way to learn uppercase & lowercase letters.
  3.      Collect same-start-sounds pictures together in a creative ABC photo book
  4. Matching Cards are a clever way to learn beginning letter sounds
  5.      Learn to match uppercase & lowercase letters with these alphabet letter case puzzles
  6.      Use a Cookie tray to link your letters to pictures in this fun activity
  7.      This Sidewalk Chalk game gets you sounding out letters as you jump on them!
  8.      Have fun with these 4 alphabet Spy Sensory fun games using neon rice
  9.      Defrost your letters & practice their sounds with this messy play Ice melting experiment
  10.    This letter sounds alphabet game will keep your child’s attention as they learn their letters!
  11.    This beginning sounds Alphabet Mat is a great quiet time learning activity or dinner place mat
  12.    Get up and jumping while learning your letter sounds with this Rainbow hop letter sounds game
  13.    These beautiful Fall clip cards get you picking the correct starting letter from 3 letters.
  14.    The pictures on these printable alphabet cards with sound pictures make learning letter sounds easy!
  15.    Look at these fun ways to make an Interactive Alphabet for your child!
  16.    Beginning sound coloring pages are a fun way to spot matching starting sounds & color them in
  17.    Learn letter sounds in a really fun way with this game, using toobs on a tray
  18.    Have board game fun with this Monster themed Phonics game, learning cvc words.
  19.    See these 5 clever ways to put together an alphabet puzzle
  20.    Alphabet magnets are a fun way to link starting sounds with letter magnets
  21.    This Free alphabet book has cute pictures & lines for uppercase & lowercase letter writing practice
  22.    Check out these Bilingual letter ‘Cc’ sound baskets with free printables for Spanish & English
  23.    This clever Car track delivery Spelling game helps your child sound out & spell words
  24.    Buy these beautiful Initial sounds cards and match your pictures with your letters
  25.    Learn your letters a really fun way, by driving your cars on this DIY alphabet road construction kit

Teaching your child to learn letter sounds takes time, but the funner you make it, the more they will learn that learning is fun, and they’ll enjoy learning their letter sounds. Have fun with these 25 ideas and help your child to learn their sounds!

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LEGO® Jurassic World Adventure!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Universal Pictures for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Jurassic park and I go way back. I remember being on a class field trip when the very first movie came out and the entire class went to watch it. At that time, it was the very first of its kind with breath taking realistic dinosaurs and we all talked about it for many days after.

Have you seen the newest Jurassic World movie? Those dinosaurs are smart!

In 2015, Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World became one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, grossing more than $1.67 billion at the global box office on its way to becoming the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time. It was a HUGE hit with kids and adults alike, so much so that in 2018 the sequel will be coming out, super exciting, I can’t wait and I am sure my son is going to be grinning when he hears the news!


Dinosaurs meet LEGO!

Kids in general have always been fascinated with dinosaurs, they also love to build with LEGO and as kids the imagination is wonderfully ripe for pretend play. So while we wait for that new movie and play with our LEGO Jurassic World dinosaur sets I have a few videos that you and your kids are going to love!

We recently watched the LEGO Jurassic World mini movie and the kids really enjoyed it. They kept asking for me to replay it or put another one on. The good news is that a whole series of them are about to come out! Click here to watch the trailer!

LEGO® Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape

Join us every day until October 13 to watch a new episode of the show! You can watch them here or on the JurassicWorld.com site.

Episode 1:

When Simon Masrani accidentally destroys one of the park’s main attractions (he really should learn how to fly that helicopter), he calls upon his trusted employee Claire to save the day.

We were thrilled to see a LEGO dinosaur scene where Owen is telling the raptors to back off, the popular scene that was recreated by zoo keepers all over the world. He is then interrupted by Simon who can’t dial the right number and plays video games while falling. Good thing Owen has a pet dino bird 😉

Episode 2:

Claire has a great idea for the attraction Simon wanted…a new dinosaur! “You can’t just build a dinosaur,” Owen says. But he’s wrong. They totally can! Especially after a visit to Dr. Wu’s lab where we find out about his hybrid creations: genetically engineered dinos made from the DNA of more than one creature. The too much t-rex DNA, hehe!

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Dino Man, the park’s new mascot. Unfortunately for Dino Man, the park’s overzealous head of security, Hoskins, thinks he’s real and the hunt is on!

For some reason my kids thought that Dino Man being mistaken for a real dinosaur situation was so funny! Ok, I can see why it’s so funny 😉 Also did you see that glow in the dark dinosaur!?

This episode was also watched a few times by the kids and they definitely picked up more funny scenes as they re-watched it. Like Owen showing the new green raptor how to dance 😉

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:


Click here to watch the complete episode!

Join us tomorrow for the next episode!

Visit Sponsors Site

Dinosaurs meet LEGO! Kids in general have always been fascinated with dinosaurs, they also love to build with LEGO and as kids the imagination is wonderfully ripe for pretend play. So while we wait for that new movie and play with our LEGO Jurassic World dinosaur sets I have a few videos that you and your kids are going to love! #ad http://www.powerfulmothering.com/lego-jurassic-world-adventure/

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Pumpkin Collage

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My toddler loves to post and stick stuff, so it was surprise she loved making this pumpkin collage!

It is easy to set up and a great fine motor activity to get those little fingers moving and grasping.


Gather your pumpkin making supplies

  • Card stock black or white
  • Orange crepe paper (shredded)
  • white school glue, paint brush
  • green pipe cleaner

Prep the card stock into a pumpkin shape and use left over bits to make square, round and triangle for eyes and jagged bits to use for mouthes.

Drip some glue onto your pumpkin shape and paint till the surface is covered. Toddlers love to use that paint brush!

TIP: Keep a damp cloth nearby to help with sticky glue fingers!

Once your surface has glue on it begin sticking down the crape paper all over the place!

Pinch and paste.stick-orange-crepe-to-pumpkin-shape

Because I had a few shapes set out my toddler wanted to do all them. I had to point out spots that she missed. We made a game out of finding places to stick more crepe paper!pumpkin-collage-for-toddlers

Then we choose some items for our face. 2 triangles and 2 jagged mouth bits and glued those down. We had a bit too much enthusiasm with the glue 😉easy-pumpkin-activity-for-toddlers

I then twirled a pipe cleaner to look like a leaf and vine and we stuck that down too. Leave your creation to dry over night and display.make-a-pumpkin-friend-collage-for-toddlers

Other collages we have made include apples and hearts!

This weeks extra fine motor ideas are:

99 fine motor ideas for ages 1 to 5

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40+ Do-able Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Halloween is another fun holiday for crafting. From ghosts, to spiders to mummies, to name a few popular Halloween themed crafts. Here are 40+ of my favorite Halloween crafts because it is do-able for the little ones too!

40+ Do-able Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers
This Halloween stamping fun is great for all ages and a good activity for siblings to craft together.

ghost ideas for toddlersGhosts

Ghosts are synonym to Halloween. These ghost crafts look all like great fun.

Make this puffy ghost using puffy paint or use cookie cutters for printing.

Keepsakes like these footprint ghosts and this ghost keepsake is special to make this time of the year.

Decorate with a not-so-spooky ghosts garland or glue ghosts!

Ghost meringues are a fun idea for a Halloween party.

Or try this sponge painted ghost craft idea your toddler will enjoy!

pumpkin ideas for toddlersPumpkins

Pumpkins is a must have for Halloween, whether you decorate it or just do pumpkin crafts.

This pumpkin art is just too pretty and these handmade pumpkin cards are just too special as well as a lovely pumpkin handprint & photo keepsake.

Pumpkin sun catchers are just as fun to make, oh and these funny face pumpkins too!

Add some science to your craft with this color mixing pumpkin craftSticker pumpkins are the most easy way to decorate pumpkins with toddlers.

Decorate your windows with pumpkin cling craft or give the backyard, patio or driveway some lights by making Jack-o-Lantern jars or plastic bottle lanterns.

Reuse egg cartons for this Jack-o-Lantern craft or print this  Jack-o-Lantern Cut & Paste activity.

Another fun craft- sponge painted pumpkin and use butternut squash to decorate for the season.

bat ideas Bats

Bats are creepy and gross, perfect for Halloween. Make a toilet paper roll bat or use your hands for a bat handprint craft.

This bat silhouette craft using a feather duster looks like so much fun and pretend you are a bat flapping around with this bat headband.

mummy ideas for toddlersMummies

Mummies– more creepy things! These yarn wrapped mummies are actually sweet and so are these toilet roll mummies. A clever way to make mummies- mummie envelopes.

And another great decorating idea is this super easy mummy garland.

spider crafts


Spiders, creepy crawlies all around. Make this 5 minute spider craft, quick and easy!

A craft that will sure please everyone is this spider craft using mini pumpkins.

For frugal crafting use this egg carton spiders or paper plate spider ideas.

Another fabulous handprint craft is this handprint spider, sweet! This easy spider craft is perfect for the littlies too.

Make a few of these popsicle sticks spider webs to hang all around as decoration.

halloween monsters


Monsters could be scary, but we usually just make them friendly or silly, like these Friendly monster pencil cases.

These monster jars can also be used as lanterns, perfect for evenings.

Lastly, these tie dye coffee filter monsterspaper plate monsters and monster finger puppets all looks like super fun!

Lots and lots of do-able crafts for kids of all ages! Which ones will your kids enjoy?

easy ideas

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Easy Toddler Fall Sensory Bin Idea

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I just love the colors of fall, all those orange, yellow and reds! Today my toddler was looking for something different to do so I pulled out a few leaves and some acorns for her sensory bin.

fall sensory bin for toddlers

Materials needed for a fall leaf sensory bin:

  • Leaves!
  • Acorns / other objects
  • Sensory bin
  • Extra container to sort in

My little one was most pleased with her colorful sensory bin! At 23 months old she loves to pack stuff into any available container. This was right up her alley.
exploring fall leaves

First I showed her the acorns then put them into the sensory bin full of leaves. She was very curious as to what was happening! THEN she went digging to return them to the sorting container.search and find acorns

More digging in the leaves for acorns.leaf sorting toddler

Word of warning 🙂 Leaves will escape. lolsensory bin with fall leaves

She removed half the leaves to find the acorns easier.autumn color leaves

I also took a little video! I love action shots 😀

Our fall sensory leaf bin for toddlers:

easy toddler fall sensory bin idea

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Top 10 Halloween Yard Decoration Crafts for Kids

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Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you decorate your backyard? Let the kids help with all these fun kid-made backyard decoration ideas for Halloween!

Top 10 Halloween Yard Decoration Crafts for Kids
Make this cute and easy yarn garland that would look great hanging on your patio.

Craft stick spider webs could be hung all around the yard- in the trees, from the roof, on the walls…

Mummy pumpkins are simple enough for kids to make and would make an interesting greeting party at the door!

Your kids will enjoy making these Halloween rocks, make a bunch of them for all around the garden.

Glow in the dark window clings are super fun to create and will brighten up your windows at night too.

Use some cups from the recycling bin to make this Keurig cup lantern garland or use milk jugs to make ghost lanterns.

This rustic Jack-o-Lantern and Frankie are made from wooden blocks, perfect for the backyard or front porch.

Painted monster eyes from paper plates will turn any bush in the garden into a big ol’ monster.

These candy corn yard sticks, using duct tape, make sweet yard decor and lovely photo props too!

So many fun ideas to get the kids to participate in decorating the backyard for Halloween.

Which one is your favorite?


More awesome ideas right here:

  1. Top 10 Pumpkin Sensory Play from Sugar, Spice & Glitter
  2. Top 10 Pumpkin Crafts for Kids from Something 2 Offer
  3. Top 10 Gross Motor Halloween Activities from Adventures of Adam
  4. Top 10 Halloween Handprint and Footprint Crafts from Crafty Mama in ME
  5. Top 10 Halloween Ideas for Toddlers from The Pleasantest Thing
  6. Top 10 Spooky Bat Crafts for Kids from Sunshine Whispers
  7. Top 10 Pumpkin Crafts from Play & Learn Every Day
  8. Top 10 Halloween Party Ideas for Kids from Witty Hoots
  9. Top 10 Haunted House Crafts For Kids from Play Dough & Popsicles
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Farm Animal Puzzles

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Puzzles are something I have been trying to add to our activities, sometimes it is a success and sometimes the kids just aren’t interested. This week I tried a new approach and made our own BUT also in a theme that was appealing to my kids, especially my one son. Farm Animals!


Supplies to make farm animal puzzles:

Layout 6 jumbo craft sticks and tape together in a line with your tape. This is to make sure that the sticks don’t move and to mostly keep the glue from getting between them. So make it tight! Next glue the image onto the craft stick canvas. Spread glue on your sticks and thin out with a paint brush. Apply image and smooth out to get maximum glue coverage.

Set these to dry on a flat surface. Usually overnight.

Once dry you might notice that some of the puzzles became warped from drying. This is not an issue as you are about to cut them. 😀

Now gently fold the sticks in on each other. picture to picture. fold-over-and-cut-puzzle

Use your knife to cut the paper neatly in between. Keep trimming until sticks come apart. Use your knife once more to trim splinters off if there on on the edges.farm-puzzles-for-kids

TIP: Write the name of the puzzle on the back of the craft sticks so you can easily find each selection! I use an rubber band to store my puzzles in a neat pack.easy-farm-animals-puzzle

Your puzzles are ready for play! farm-animal-unit-addon

Give one or two puzzles at a time. Mix them if you child is a more advanced puzzle builder.farm-animal-puzzles

You might also like the painted puzzles we made!

Also, check below to find tons more farm animal ideas!

Quick VIDEO instructions!

Make this cool farm animal puzzle to encourage puzzle building skills!

farm-theme-activitiesFROM LEFT TO RIGHT:

  1. Farm CVC Words // A Dab of Glue Will Do
  2. Farm Counting Cards // Playdough to Plato
  3. Expressing Feelings on the Farm // Liz’s Early Learning Spot
  4. Count and Graph on the Farm // Sara J Creations
  5. Pigs in the Mud Alphabet Match // The Kindergarten Connection
  6. Farm Animal Puzzles // Powerful Mothering
  7. Farm Play Dough Activity // Mom Inspired Life
  8. Farm Washing Sensory Bin // Coffee Cups and Crayons
  9. Farm Counting Book // Recipe for Teaching
  10. Interactive Farm Book // Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station
  11. Gross Motor Farm Game // Modern Preschool
  12. Farm Animal Sorting // Still Playing School
  13. Farm Fence Number Ordering Mats // Fairy Poppins
  14. Farm Letter Sound Matching Clip Cards // Schooling a Monkey
  15. Making Farm Footprints // Pleasantest Thing
  16. Farm Muffin Tin Syllable Counting Game // The Educators’ Spin on It
  17. Farm Themed Old Maid // Stay at Home Educator
  18. Farm Emergent Reader // The Letters of Literacy
  19. Playful Farm Animals Hands on Math // Stir the Wonder
  20. Farm Busy Box // Teach Me Mommy
  21. Farm Animal Ten Frame Cards // Preschool Inspirations
  22. Farm Addition Cards // The Stem Laboratory
  23. Interactive Math Addition Book // DIY Farm Wife
  24. Farm Animal Sentences // (Not Pictured) The Simplified Classroom
  25. Old MacDonald’s Farm Busy Bag // (Not Pictured) Adventures of Adam
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