Bubble Wrap Painting on Canvas Art

This months recycled material is bubble wrap!

Which is rather exciting I think as there are a few things to do with bubble wrap. I think most people would paint with it, it makes some lovely textures.

For our project I decided to make a new art piece for our home.

I got some material which was kind of  smooth in texture and reminded me of canvas. I also googled bunny, flower and butterfly silhouettes in Google and printed out the 3 shapes, cut them out and stuck them down with my glue stick. I had tested the glue earlier on a scrap cloth and it stuck adequately and peeled off well because of the texture of the fabric.

Bubble Wrap Painting on Canvas Art with PowerfulMothering.com

My next mission was to prep the instruments for our little bubble wrap painting adventure.

Usually a disposable holder would be used as a paint tray, unfortunately I do not have any. My next solution was to cut a dustbin bag in two and cover one of my plastic trays. This worked fabulously!
cover a tray with plastic

We rolled the bubble wrap covered roller in the acrylic paint and headed over to the table.paint on a bubble wrap roller

Then the fun began! Even my 2 year old joined in.Bubble Wrap Painting on Canvas Art with PowerfulMothering.com

The kids rolled and rolled and rolled.bubble wrap painting on silhouette shapes

Once they were done we let the paint dry a bit and then peeled off the silhouettes to reveal lovely white shapes underneath.

Now here is were I wish I had had some instructions for our little paint adventure. If you do this art project consider the silhouettes shapes and try to get as much paint around the outlines as you can. This will make them stand out more.
Bubble Wrap Painting on Canvas Art with PowerfulMothering.com

I managed salvage the art though and I think the black outline makes the art POP as well. Now we will get my husband to make us a wooden frame and tack this masterpiece to it to hang up!Bubble Wrap Painting on Canvas Art with PowerfulMothering.com

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  1. Karly - Pullingers says

    Thanks for sharing! This looks like lots of fun and the end result is adorable. Great patterns and shapes to play around with!

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