Easy Box & Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Skills

Welcome to another fine motor skills Friday!

We are loving the easy and super simple fine motor skills lately and if i can grab simple things from around the house to make these oh so simple fine motor skill activities well, that is even better!

Take a look at this super simple and easy box and pipe cleaner fine motor skill practice activity.
fine motor ideas

What you will need is a smallish box, we have used our Ubooly box, since Ubooly no longer lives in it.

To make the holes I used a kebab stick, it made beautifully round and even holes. Next cut up 4 pipe cleaners into good sized finger gabble lengths.

Grab an eager toddler or preschooler and let them start popping the small pipe cleaners into the holes. Our pipe cleaners did not go all the way through the hole and fall out the other end, instead they filled the holes allowing my toddler to fill all the holes instead of just concentrating on one.

easy box and pipe cleaner fine motor skills

Oh and just to mention :) Ubooly is awesome!
box and pipe cleaner fine motor skills

Once all the holes were filled I showed my toddler the inside of the box, this fascinated her even further as she removed the sticking out pipe cleaners from inside one by one.use an empty box for fine motor skills

I was very surprised my 3 year old was also into this activity, he is usually my messy play / painter and has no patience for these types of activities. He did this one over a few times before moving on to go play outside.fine motor skills for toddlers

I love that this fine motor idea uses things I already have laying around the house!

Are you looking for some more fabulous fine motor ideas?

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    We just did a similar activity this week with drinking straws – I picked some pipe cleaners up at the store today so I’m going to give this version a try too. They love putting the straws through the holes and it’s kept them occupied for hours this week!


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