Fine Motor Skills with Crazy Straws

Today I am dubbing CRAZY Friday! Wooohoo!

We have been playing a lot with felt lately and the quiet book I have been planning is coming along nicely.

Today’s fine motor adventure is another rather simple idea, with a CRAZY STRAW!

crazy straw fine motor skills with felt at

To make this activity happen you will need.

First up, cut a few circles out of your various colorful felt bits.crazy straw fine motor skills with felt

Then fold in half and make a small slit in the middle, just large enough to fit over the straw end.crazy straw fine motor skills with felt

Demonstrate to your young ones and watch them take over!crazy straw fine motor skills with felt

This activity was a bit of a challenge for my almost 2 year old. But once the felt circles were on the crazy straw she enjoyed moving them around the bends. An activity that will get reused a few times for sure!crazy straw fine motor skills with felt at

This activity makes a great twist to the classic straws on pipe cleaner idea.crazy straw fine motor skills with felt at

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  1. says

    This is awesome, and the finger movements that would be used to put the the circles on would be similar to the movements to fasten buttons. An great activity to work on skills.


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