Sensory Stick Color Match

Welcome to our weekly Fine Motor Skills feature!

This week we are combining fine motor skills with sensory and color / pattern matching.

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Sensory Stick Color Match with

Earlier this week I received a lovely package from full of rather happy neon colored items including this glitter glue and these mini craft sticks for free to play with!

I thought these mini craft sticks were rather awesome and before I went to bed that night an idea struck! I got the mini sticks out and made a few colorful patterns on them with the glitter glue and let them dry overnight.

Now, because the neon glitter glue drys raised it provides a rather wonderful sensory touch to this activity.pincer grip on small objects

You can pair up the sticks based on color or patterns. My 2 year old worked on her pincer and fine motor skills by manipulating the little sticks into place.Sensory Stick Color Match with

Line them up like a fence.fine motor skills in action

Match them up some more.matching colors or patterns on the sticks

Once my 2 year old was done and moved on to the next best thing (namely her new felt quiet book) my 5 year old took over and made a robot, among other things.stick robot

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