20 Ways to Learn with Felt for Toddlers

Felt is such a forgiving fabric and it sticks so nicely to itself thus making it is a great base to use in learning with toddlers. Sometimes one doesn’t even need to sew!

20 Ways to Learn with Felt for Toddlers

Take a look at these awesome felt learning ideas.felt for toddlers learning

Learn about our bodies with felt, cut out some various colors to match internal organs and bones. This is a fabulous idea for learning the body.

Play a felt name game and encourage your toddler to learn their name.

My toddler also just loves sticking things onto the felt board, you could do this in themes and name the items they are sticking.

toddlers learning with felt and color

Encourage toddlers to learn their colors with a story board or with matching up some balloons.

Size sort while learning about the rainbow!

learning shapes with felt and toddlers

Let your toddler loose with the felt shapes and help sort them! I also love this flower activity for exploring shapes as well as this sandpaper shapes idea.

learning to fasten with felt

Start learning about the weather with a rather cute felt weather board.

Encourage your toddler to learn how to fasten their own clothing with a felt board full of fastening items. Also making a board just for buttons to work on that specifically.

felt story and fine motor skills

Another encouragement for button work and fine motor skills is playing with a homemade button snake.

Use your child’s favorite story book as inspiration! I absolutely adore this hungry caterpillar felt story board. You could also use homemade finger puppets to tell a story.

toddlers learning with felt

For older toddlers already interested in learning their abc’s this DIY alphabet pocket chart is very engaging and hands on.

Make a DIY felt play mat with things of interest to your toddler. We made roads with various stops for cars which included counting parking spaces and identifying places to go.

Quiet books are also extremely popular with the little ones. We have just started our own quiet book pages with our first page a fine motor activity that encourages name recognition.

20 Ways to Learn with Felt for Toddlers veg and quiet books

I love this quiet book guide from And Next Comes L, it is a great place to get started. I also have the NO SEW quiet book version!

Learn and play with a felt garden, this has got to be one of the most imaginative garden felt pieces I have ever seen!

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    Such great ideas! We love playing with felt over here :) It’s one of the first few “textures” that I could get my son to really play with.


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