Fall Window Sun Catchers or Wall Art

Don’t you just love sun catcher seasonal decor?!

Fall usually means that the cold weather is not to far off for most people, here in Ecuador everything is dry (I guess a quick fall minus the cold!) which is basically what happens just before the rainy season, which is around the corner.

My 3 year old has been collecting sticks lately and paired with my desire to try this crayon melt sun catchers we have a winner! Behold, my new wall art!

Fall Window Suncatchers or Wall Art

To make these sun catchers, you will need:

  • wax crayons in fall colors
  • a grater
  • wax paper
  • paper or newspaper to iron on
  • an iron
  • nylon line, some sticks and sellotape

I also used a dish towel on my table as it is covered in plastic.

Start by laying out the towel, a sheet of paper then the wax paper. Grate your choice of fall colors sparingly on the wax paper remembering that they spread when they melt.

My 4 year old was eager to use the grater to grate the crayons, he got 4 or 5 strokes in before getting carried away and I feared for little fingers. I let him spread the shavings instead.

Fall Window Suncatchers or Wall Art

Once you have the desired wax crayon effect, place another sheet of wax paper gently over the crayon shavings, then another sheet of paper. press down with your iron all over the paper to get all the shavings melting.Fall Window Suncatchers or Wall Art

Remove the paper to check if all is melted between the 2 wax papers. My 4 year old is impressed by the pretty colors. 😀Fall Window Suncatchers or Wall Art

I am impressed by the pretty colors and smears!Fall Window Suncatchers or Wall Art

For our sun catchers I decided to make round disks using a cup to get same size circles, I manged to make 12 and cut them out.Fall Window Suncatchers or Wall Art

Next I had to ask my 3 year old for 2 sticks! Tying 3 strands of nylon from one to other to make them hang nicely on the wall. Taking sellotape I taped the disks to the nylon. I did try the sun catchers in the window as well but they would get blown too much in the wind and a certain little boy wanted to retrieve his sticks.

Hanging on the wall they make a nice little art piece and are out of reach of little hands. Including my 1 year old who is fascinated and has tried to climb on a little plastic chair 3 times now to investigate!Fall Window Suncatchers or Wall Art

What do you use your sun catchers for?



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