How to Make a Quiet Book the NO SEW Way

I have been playing with felt lately in my quest to make a quiet book (my very first) based on fine motor and life skill development. That book is doing very well and is almost done. With my youngest turning 2 next month I thought to make her her own quiet book filled with things that would interest her.

Update: It has been almost a year since I made this quiet book! It is still holding up well despite a few missing apple loose pieces.(I need to replace them!) It is a much handled book and was well worth the make!

Update again!: I now have a video tutorial!! See the bottom of this post!

This is how to make a quiet book the no sew way.

how to make a quiet book the no sew way with

To make a quiet book you will need.

  • A shape to trace or measurements for your desired size felt pages (I used a broken board book)
  • pen / marker
  • felt of a base color (light green in mine)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun or equivalent glue
  • velcro for securing books tab (I used a velcro dot)

Firstly decide on how many pages you are going to make. Then measure or trace the pages and cut them out. I have used a broken potty training board book as it was a great size and made a rather nice quiet book template.

measure out your pages

Also cut a cover for your book by adding a spine between 2 page. Don’t cut alone the spine.cover and pages of felt quiet book

Heat up the glue gun and get ready to assemble your blank quiet book. What I wanted to do here was have a nice page fold that would hold up to toddlers pulling. I went with hot gluing each page together first.

1. Line up your page.

2. Gently fold over the page and squeeze out a line of hot glue along the edge.

3. Flip the page back and press together to ensure good glue contact between the 2 pages.

4. Line up the next page on top of the two you just glued and repeat step 2 and 3 until all are glued together.
how to put your felt pages together

You now have a secured sandwich of felt pages and are ready to make a quiet book!sandwich of felt pages

Bring out your cover and make a glue line next to the spine to attach the pages to the cover in the same way you did above.

Zigzag the glue along the stack of pages, close the cover and firmly press the spine to get a smooth effect.zigzag on pages to secure the spine

You can see below an example of pressing the spine. Open the book and add another line of glue to the first page near spine to get a closed and neat look to your first page, just like the rest of the book!how to make a quiet book the no sew way with

I had to trim my cover and a few pages once I was done to get an even look. Lastly fit the books tab and glue it to the back of the book. I have not added my felt dot for the front yet as I want to wait to see how fat the book is going to turn out before I secure the tab to to make a quiet book the no sew way with

And there we have it! An empty felt book all ready for you to fill full of fascinating things for your little one!how to make a quiet book the no sew way with

See all 11 inside pages here!

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How to make a no sew quiet book video tutorial:

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how to make a quiet book the no sew way with

Check out my category archive, my pinterest felt board and my friends awesome collection of free quiet book ideas and patterns.

Have you ever made a felt quiet book? How did it turn out, any tips and tricks to share on how to make a quiet book?

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  1. Amanda C says

    It has been a while since this original post. How did the hot glue hold up? I am concerned that the pieces will pull apart easily. Thanks!

  2. Gargi says

    O man, I am so in love with this book and will surely try to make it for my 13 months old son. The only problem is he puts everything in his mouth first and tries to swallow..

  3. Amy says

    I’m actually thinking about making an altered version as a baby book (for me and my sister-in-law). Many of the activities will have to be altered or completely changed because of the age discrepancy, but the techniques will be SO useful! I was thinking about making something with just general shapes/animals/colors for the babes and I figure I can make a few flip up pages or something. Definitely NO detachable parts yet, lol! But when the time comes for new ones I can’t wait to use all of your ideas. Have you seen the felt fishing? I don’t know where my friend found it, but she just used magnets, sticks, string, and cut out felt fish. That could be a cute page too. Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas!

  4. Mirella says

    Love it… But I have a question..dont the felt objects like apples, shapes become too soft to hold in the hand. Are they double layered? I feel like my child will just squeesh them in her hand. Also what isvthe ideal age to introduce this..

    • says

      depends on your child. mine was made for her 2nd birthday.. so I suggest 22 months perhaps? if you have a parts eater it might have to be supervised! Also the apples have velcro hot glued onto the back which makes the apples very sturdy.

  5. says

    Thank you so much! You made me realize it was possible to create a beautiful Quiet Book without a sewing machine. I just finished my very first one! I wrote an article about it on my blog if someone’s interested.

  6. Maria Mustaklem says

    Hi Nicolette !! Thanks a lot for this super easy tutorial !!! I really enjoyed making this quiet book twice for my daughter and my nephew.. I wanted to ask do you mind if I re-blog about it on my blog ??

    • says

      Thank you! I am glad you liked it! I dont mind one picture with proper link credit for re-sharing on a blog :) If you are sharing the one you made share away but link to me for the instructions. Thanks!

  7. Kyra says

    I was wondering if they still held up. It’s been a few months. I’m wanting to make a few to sell (for a business class project) and want something of good quality but that I can make without sewing.

    • says

      It is still going STRONG! We have lost an apple or two simply because my kids are rather ruff with this book and the apples are loose parts. If you do make these for selling please let me know I would like to include a link for those who would love to buy it instead of make it. (Also be sure to credit me as your inspiration source!) Much appreciated. Nicolette.

  8. says

    I can’t sew a lick, so this is perfect! My little girl is outgrowing her a.m. nap so I’ve been looking for activities like this to keep her busy while my baby naps. Thanks so much, Nicolette!

  9. says

    This is great! I am not handy with a needle and thread, so this is an ideal way for me to try my hand at a quiet book.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  10. Nika says

    Can you please tell me more about the felt? When I looked at making a quiet book out of felt all I found were the felt sheets that were 8X11 and didn’t seem very durable for 2-4 year old destruction. What kind is it? Where do you purchase it? How much does it cost? I looked into the wool blend felts too but they were pricey! Thanks!

    • says

      The felt I used was just plain felt. The material shop sells these in yards. The 8×11 you are talking about is most likely the very thin type that stretches badly when pulled. The felt I used did stretch when pulled vigorously, but I think all felt does that. My only suggestion is to go to a material store and ask the experts. Mine is most definitely NOT wool blend. It was cheap.

  11. says

    LOVE this! Glue guns are my best friend. I’m pretty fond of felt too. 😉 I’ve been meaning to make my daughter a quiet book for forever. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Tots.

  12. says

    I will have to try this. I work with nursery kids (age 1.5-3) and they seem to break everything I bring in! I hot glued erasers to popsicle sticks: pulled apart in minutes by a certain boy. I got hearts on wooden sticks: apparently the sticks are easy to snap in two. I had sun faces cut out of poster board: they eventually broke as well.
    Yes, I should probably also work on teaching them to be nice to my props. The one prop I have that does work are my fabric stars that I sewed a lot… but felt and glue guns in a book will be good and easier.

    • says

      oh my! My 3 year old does exactly the same thing! craft sticks in broken in 2 basically anything that he can destroy he does! So far this felt book is holding up well. I am even considering making him his own, since I made it for his younger sister.

  13. says

    Great idea! I found your blog via the hop at No Time For Flashcards. My twins are constantly ripping up books, and my daughter likes to chew on the cardboard! This would be a great alternative for both of my children, especially to entice them to sit on the potty for longer than 5 seconds. Thanks for sharing!

  14. says

    I have such fond memories of my quiet time book from when I was a child. I would take it everywhere! I’m hopeless with the sewing machine so I have checked out some on etsy to purchase. I look forward to seeing your ideas to finish the book. Perhaps it is within my ability levels! Thanks for sharing!


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