Lids Matching and Memory Game

Welcome to another month of Project: Recycle and Create! In my house I love re-using things, anything from egg cartons to styrofoam. This month I am rather excited to be using some lids.

I collect the jam jars, the olive jars and the jars that the coconut oil comes in. They have various shapes and sizes and I reuse them for a handful of things.

Lids Matching and Memory Game, Great for little ones!

For this months project I wanted to make a functional learning activity for the kids, yet be able to use those lids if I needed them in the future. This ruled out make a printable image and gluing it and hot gluing some bead on as well.

My next idea was to use these craft foam stickers! They would easily peel off under some soapy water and the lids would be usable again.

First up I gathered a few lids and the 3 packs of craft foam shapes. We had a transport theme, farm theme and easter theme.Lids Matching and Memory Game, Great for little ones!

My just turned 5 year old decided that the transport theme was the way to go and we opened that packet. He got to work fast and started pulling the backings off the craft foams and sticking them in the lids.

I made sure he got 2 of each kind and he passed them on to his sister (who is 2 next month!) to inspect and play with.Lids Matching and Memory Game, Great for little ones!

Once we had a few trains, planes and cars in our lids we turned them over and I explained how to play the memory game.

And if you are wondering :) SNOB is a brand of jam in Ecuador.Lids Matching and Memory Game, Great for little ones!

My 5 year old played with the lids the rest of the day, which I would think is a great success! These were also a great start for my almost 2 year old as we practiced recognition of the images and colors. Repetition is how we all learn :)
Lids Matching and Memory Game, Great for little ones!

Another way we used bottle caps can be seen in my rather cute feeding monsters fine motor skills post.

Looking for more ideas? Take a look at what my co-hosts have been up to!

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